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Inez Reynolds – Blake Lively’s Daughter With Husband Ryan Reynolds

Published Tue Sep 24 2019 By Samana
Inez Reynolds – Blake Lively’s Daughter With Husband Ryan Reynolds

Inez Reynolds is the second born celebrity daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Inez was blessed to the couple on 30th September 2016. 

The name "Inez" is the Portuguese form of the name "Agnes" which is again derived from the Greek word "Hagnos" which means "chaste, pure, sacred".

Parents' Net Worth

Inez's mother, Blake Lively has the total amount of $15 million as her net worth. She managed to accumulate her worth through her very successful career as an actress who has landed many iconic roles. For example, Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. Talk about major iconic roles!

Inez's father, Ryan Reynolds has the massive net worth of $75 million which, undoubtedly, he earned from his victorious career as an actor. He is known for many of his roles he landed in different movies but is the most popular for the movie "Deadpool". A hilarious person getting the role of equally hilarious character. Iconic.

In short, Inez's Reynolds parents can be listed as the most Iconic Hollywood Couple who are also very rich. 

Parents' Bubbly Relationship

Inez Reynolds's parents Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds are very popular for roasting each other very beautifully and well, perfectly. There has been many, many cases where the two have been constantly roasting each other but still have a very loving relationship. 

They play around like teenagers who are in love but are too scared to admit it and that is how and why Inez's parents' marriage has been successful and cute.

Inez's romantic parents, Blake and Ryan.
Inez's romantic parents, Blake and Ryan.
Image Source: E! Online

The two met while on the set of the "Green Lantern" on the year 2010. Their friendship soon blossomed into love as the two started hanging out often and started to date. They started to go out on October 2011 and decided that they were each others endgame. 

The couple had a very blessed and beautiful wedding on 9th September 2012 on the equally beautiful venue at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina..

Sibling - James Reynolds

Inez Reynolds has a big sister named James Reynolds. James was born on 16th December 2014. Inez is a lucky little sister whose big sister is very kind and loving. She is very close to her and is always wanting to play with her. 

Hates Her Father's Role As Deadpool

Seeing how Ryan Reynolds is the biggest fan of his babies, (if they were under attack, he would use his wife, Blake, as a human shield and guard his little babies), he would obviously want to always be around his kids. 

When on the set of Deadpool, after hours of prosthetic makeup was applied to his face to portray Wade Wilson's damaged face, little Inez Reynolds would start crying. She hates the character and will blow out if she ever sees Wade Wilson's face. 

The face that scared the daylights out of Inez Reynolds.
The face that scared the daylights out of Inez Reynolds.
Image Source: Pinterest

Ryan had to compress his heavy urge to remove the makeup mask and show his normal face to Inez who only wanted to see his father but got scared looking at someone that is definitely not her father.

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