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Published Thu Jun 16 2022 By pragyik

Imbrandonfarris is a famous comedian on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook from America. He is also famous for his series, google translates. He has a YouTube channel, @iambrandonfarris, with more than 3.5 million followers. He started his career as a YouTube comedian on Feb 14, 2013, after posting his first video, " playing guitar sometimes." 

He started gaining popularity after posting a video in June 2015, " google translate make a cake." The video google translates a cake " got over 351k views, which helped boost his career as a Youtuber. He has a net worth of 4 million as of 2022, which he earned through his career as a YouTuber.

Early Life Of Brandon:

Imbrandonfarris is an American famous for his content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. On 5th June 1991, he was born in Arkansas, United States Of America. He was born to Larry Farris and Dena Farris

Picture of Brandon Farris posing for a photo wearing classic black suit
Photo Of Brandon Farris. (Photo Source: @google biography)

He is known to have a sister Morgan Arreola. Since his childhood. He has been known to have aspirations toward acting and comedy. He eventually achieved his dream as a comedian. Information based on his education is unknown to us.

Farris's Family:

Farris, a famous YouTube star known worldwide for his funny content, was born to Mr. Larry Farris and Mrs. Dena Farris. He has a sister Morgan Arreola. There is not much information about his parents and siblings.

He is married to Maria Gloria, whom he dated for years before marrying her. He accepted her with her daughter Autumn, the daughter of Maria, and her ex-husband Brandon. After getting married, they gave birth to a baby boy Jameson Mercury Farris

Career Of Brandon:

Brandon began his career in a café, like many other celebrities. He used to sell Pokémon cards on eBay at one point or another. On February 14th, 2013, he established his current YouTube channel. The channel's subscriber base continues to increase. The channel has approximately 2.23 million subscribers and 300 million views as of September 2020.

On YouTube, Farris is a well-known content provider. His YouTube channel, 'Imbrandonfarris,' has had 3.88 million followers and 168,112,086 views since its launch on February 14th, 2013. Quarantine Life Hacks, Google Translate Makes Donuts, and Trying Science Experiments are some of the most popular videos.

Some Of Farris's Works:

Farris is famous for uploading funny videos on his YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Besides creating funny videos, he has also been featured in a 5-minute crafts video. He released his first 5-minute craft video in 2019, "Trying 5-Minute Crafts."

He also uploads videos of him trying to cook food while being blindfolded. He also uploads videos of eating challenges, scary video games, and other interesting things. Some categories he worked on are Google Translate S*cks, Try Nasty Foods, Eating Giant Tarantulas, Learning To, I Challenged My Middle School Rivals To A Race, My Favorites, Me and Autumn, Cooking Videos, Car Vlogs, Openings, and Bob Ross Paintings. Besides creating solo videos, he has also worked with some of the people close to him. He has worked with his friends, their girlfriend, his wife, his sister, and others.

Net Worth Of Farris:

Imbrandonfarris (Brandon Farris) is a Sacramento, California-based social media personality. His net worth is believed to be $4 million. He is noted for his funny content, consisting of vlogs, challenges, parodies, tags, and the "Google Translates" series. Every week, he uploads 1–3 videos.

As of 2021, the channel has over 3.5 million subscribers and has received over 700 million views. It receives an average of 1.3 million daily views from various sources. The advertising shown in the videos should produce an estimated $6,500 each day ($2.4 million per year) in revenue. YouTubers get compensated between $2 and $7 every 1000 views.

How Much Does Brandon Earn From YouTube?

Brandon's channel has over 3.5 million subscribers and has received over 700 million views. It receives an average of 1.3 million daily views from various sources. The advertising shown on the videos should produce an estimated $6,500 each day ($2.4 million per year) in revenue. 

After YouTube takes its portion, YouTubers are paid $2 - $7 per 1000 monetized views. Monetized views account for 40 percent to 80 percent of total views. Several factors influence the time of year, the viewer's location, how many people skip the ads, the type of advertisement, ad engagement, etc.

Other Income Sources Of Brandon:

Brandon also makes money through sponsored Instagram posts. He receives between $7,300 and $8,500 for every sponsored post, according to Hypeauditor. As a result, his Instagram profits fluctuate based on the quantity of sponsored posts. Brandon also makes money through his online merchandising store by selling sweatshirts, tank tops, backpacks, t-shirts, and sweatpants.

He is a brand, and as a result, he attracts a lot of clients looking for endorsement in their product line. All of this adds up to a $4 million net worth. Additionally, Brandon is a successful online business owner ImBrandonFarris.

Relationship Of Brandon:

Brandon, the comedian, has been dating Maria Gloria, a well-known social media personality, since 2014. The couple met at an Alaskan dinner, and their love story is inspiring and thrilling. The two chronicled their love story in a YouTube video detailing how they met and the obstacles they experienced before becoming a relationship. 

Picture of Brandon Farris and his wife Maria Gloria taking selfie
Photo Of Brandon Farris with his wife, Maria Gloria. (Photo Source: @google Naibuzz)

Maria asked him to Maryland after they met in Alaska to assist her care for her daughter, Autumn. She was married to a man named Brandon, who was in the army at the time. He is a stepfather of Autumn and a father to a son Jameson Mercury Farris.

Is Farris Autumn's Father?

Farris is an American famous for his YouTube content. He is  Autumn's stepdad; her birth father and her mother, Maria Gloria, divorced. Even before her parents divorced, Autumn and Farris were inseparably linked. When Autumn was younger, Gloria and her ex-husband invited the comedian to care about her. 

Picture of Brandon Farris, his wife Maria Gloria and his step daughter Autumn smiling and taking selfie
Photo of Brandon Farris with his wife and daughter. (Photo Source: @google Biography Mask)

Brandon discovered more about Autumn before she even began to talk. When Autumn's parents divorced, He kept track of her. He was in another relationship at the time, which did not work out. 

Body Measurement/Height And Weight:

Brandon Farris, a famous comedian American YouTuber has a perfect body shape and size, which he has maintained throughout his career. He also has a charming and handsome face with a perfect body shape.

He has a perfect body measurement of 38-30-37, chest size 38, waist size 30, and bicep size 37. He weighs 65kg and has a height of 180cm. He has a brown-colored eye enhanced by blonde-colored hair and a light brown colored beard and mustache.

Social Media:

Brandon is a YouTuber who is famous for his videos worldwide. He has gained fame and fans through his hard work and creativity in creating funny videos to attract people's views. He has gained many fans and popularity, which took him time to get.

As his popularity grew, he started to post his short video clips on Facebook and Instagram. His Instagram account @imbrandonfarris has more than 1 million followers. His Facebook account @Brandon Farris with more than 4 million followers.

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