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About Ilusion Millan - Producer and Former Wife of Cesar Millan

Published Tue Aug 11 2020 By Aashika
About Ilusion Millan - Producer and Former Wife of Cesar Millan

Ilusion Millan is a TV producer who is famous for her work on the TV show ‘Dog Whisper’. She is also known as the former wife of Cesar Millan, a dog expert, and whisperer. 

She was born as Ilusion Wilson in the year 1976. She holds an American nationality and is mixed ethnicity of Mexican and American. She was born to a middle family where her father owned a precision machine business.

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Net worth of $1.5 million

Millan accumulated her net worth around $1.5 million which she earned as a producer of the film industry. She collected a massive amount as serving as a co-producer of hit Tv series, ‘Dog Whisper’.

Similarly, her ex-husband Cesar Millan’s net worth is $26 million. He earned as a dog trainer and producer. 

Former Spouse: Cesar Millan

Ilusion got married to Cesar Millan in 1994 when she was 18 years old and the groom was 25 years. After their marriage, they started to run a business of Millan as a partner and also got success together. 

The couple stays for 16 years and filed a divorce in 2010 but finalized on 21 April 2012. They have two children together. 

Ilusion Millan with her ex-husband Cesar Millan.
Image Source: Huff Post

Divorce Settlement 

When Millan was getting divorced from her ex-husband, she applied for a divorce settlement. She receives $400,000, a monthly spousal payment of $23,000, and another $10,000 monthly for child support. 

After Their Separation

Cesar Millan and Ilusion Millan parted their ways in 2012. Whereas, Cesar has already moved in his life and got engaged with Jahira Dar in 2016. Now they are living as a happy couple, but Ilusion hasn't been in a relationship with other men and is looking towards her kids better future.  

Cesar Millan with his fiancee Jahira Dar.
Image Source: Daily Mail 

Mother of Two Children

Ilusion gave birth to her first son, Andre Millan on August 11, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. He has already stepped in to make his career. He runs his web series, which he launched through his father’s YouTube channel called "What’s Up Dawg" which is all about dog-related news and events.

Similarly, her second son is Calvin Millan, born on August 27, 1999. Besides being a celebrity kid, Calvin is also popular as a TV actor. In 2015, he was cast on the Nickelodeon series, ‘Muff & Stuff’ along with Isabella Cramp.

Her two sons Andre Millan and Calvin Millan.
Image Source: Pinterest

Co-CEO of her Former Husband's Company 

She made her successful career after she became a wife of Millan. When her ex-husband founded his company named Cesar Millan Inc., where she became the company’s president and co-CEO. She has been influential in the company’s work to support charities that promote animal health and wellbeing.

Producer of TV series

In 2006, she produced a TV show ‘Dog Whisperer’ with her then-husband Cesar Millan. There, she was a co-executive producer and associate producer. She worked on over fifty-five episodes and also appeared in several episodes herself. T

he series run for more than eight seasons and focused on dozens of cases on the National Geographic TV channel.

Underwent Gallbladder Surgery

In 1995, Ilusion went through surgery when she was nearly dying from gallbladder issues. At that time, Cesar did not visit her in the hospital until days after the surgery, and his short visit was only for 2 hours. 

Then she returned home and decided to leave the house with her son Andre. For her son, Cesar agreed to marriage counseling then that marriage lasted for 15 years.

She is Psychotherapist

Few people know that Millan has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology. She is now an experienced psychotherapist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry.

Dog Lover

As we all know, Millan runs a non-organization for a dog recuses. After looking towards thousand of dogs on the foundation which show she and her former husband is very fond of dogs. 

In past days, both spotted many times carrying dogs with them at events. 

Millan with her ex-spouse and dog at the event. 

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