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About Ilana Glazer - Things You Should Know About Stand- Up Comedian and Actress

Published Wed Nov 11 2020 By Aashika
About Ilana Glazer - Things You Should Know About Stand- Up Comedian and Actress

Ilana Glazer is well-known as the co-creator and actress of the popular series 'Broad City'. She is an actress, comedian, writer, director, and producer who has been contributing to the entertainment industry.

She is the daughter of Larry Glazer and Sandi Wexler, born on April 12, 1987, in St. James, New York. Her parents worked in insurance and finance. Glazer was raised in a Reform Jewish household. 

Let's look at some unknown facts about Glazer. 

Net worth: $3 million

Glazer has an estimated net worth of $3 million which she earned through a career in Hollywood. She makes money from acting, directing, producing, and writing in numerous movies. In 2010, Ilana made a debut in acting.

Husband: David Rooklin

Ilana Glazer is the wife of the computational biologist, David Rooklin. The couple walked into the aisle on 25th February 2007 at the City Hall, New York City. Before getting married, they dated for three years which means the pair has been in a love life since 2004. The two met at Washington Square Park and started knowing each other. 

Ilana Glazer with husband David Rooklin attending award event, holding each other hands.
Image Source: Zimbio 

Brother - Eliot Glazer

Eliot Glazer is the bother of Ilana with whom she spent her childhood. Her brother is a writer and the director who runs with FOX TV where he directs the series, New Girl. 

He has also been starred in the web series, 'Broad City', and wrote the television series 'New Girl' and 'Younger'. As a sister, Eliot Glazer is famous in the industry who has produced the show 'Teachers'.

A cute picture of Ilana Glazer with her brother Eliot Glazer. 
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Tattoos On Both Hands

The actress has done tiny ink on her body. She has two tattoos on both hands. On her right hand, she has a love sign along with a name inside it, and on left, there is a number. 

Tattoos on both hands.
Image Source: Instagram

Rumor of Relationship

In the industry, there are many rumors about a celebrity's relationship. The same happened with Glazer, she was linked up with her long term friend, Abby Jacobson. But, the stars never spoke on the rumors about their relationship. 

Stand-up Comedian

She started the stand-up comedy special from ‘The Planet is Burning’ premiered on Amazon Prime at the begging of 2020. There, she works with Ryan Cunningham as the director while she played the role of an executive producer. Glazer will among the lead cast on the upcoming horror movie False Positive.

In the prime video, 'The Planet is Burning'.
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Appearances in Advertisement

'Broad City' comedian-actor was also featured in the movie promo ads of 'Rise of the Tomb Raider', 'Rough Night', and 'Emoji: the movie'. Fewer people know she has appeared in the video game 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' and Google Pixel 2. 

Education & Alma Maters

Ilana Glazer attended New York University for her degree, where she graduated with a major in Psychology & child psychology in 2009. While she is in University, she shared a room with Rachel Bloom. She completed schooling at Smithtown High School, West Campus located in Smithtown, New York. 

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