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Know Ian Alexander Sr. - Actress Regina King's Former Spouse

Published Thu Jan 23 2020 By Akki
Know Ian Alexander Sr. - Actress Regina King's Former Spouse

The Canadian native, Ian Alexander Sr. is famous as a celebrity family member. He rose to fame as an ex-husband of an American actress and director, Regina King. The duo stayed over 10 years in a marital relationship and share a child together. He was born on April 8, 1956, and has 'Aries' as a zodiac.

Here are lesser-known facts about Alexander Sr.,

What's his Net Worth? 

Ian Alexander Sr. has an estimated net worth of $300,000. His fortune includes assets such as a car, an expensive jewelry stuff made of fine gold and high-quality materials and stone.

Ex-Wife - Regina King

As mentioned earlier, Ian was once married to an Oscar-winning actress Regina King. The couple had their first interaction at the time of King's acting career peak in the 1990s. The duo started to date and built a strong connection. 

A picture of Ian and Regina King.
Ian and Regina King in  2003 Vibe Awards.
Image Source: Getty Images

In 1997, the lovebirds tied the knot and promised to live together. The pair's love life flourished with the birth of a child. As the years pass by, the duo's love story had a big gloomy turn as their relationship started to get complicated with private matters. 

Following the personal issues, the duo got divorced in 2007 ending their 10 years of wedlock relationship. At the time of separation, there was a rumor spread regarding Alexander Sr.'s extramarital affair. So far, he was also alleged of drug use and physical abuse. 

Son - Ian Alexander Jr

Ian Alexander Sr. and Regina King are parents of a dashingly handsome, Ian Alexander Jr. He was born on January 21, 1996, in the united states of America. He has followed his mother's footsteps and worked in the entertainment industry as an actor. He has voiced, the character of Michael in short animation; The Snowy Day (2016). 

Ian taking a family photo with his ex-wife and son.
Ian Alexander Sr. with his ex-wife Regina King and son.
Image Source: Getty Images

Difficulty Phase of Divorce and Supportive Father

As Ian stated, the first few months of the divorce were extremely painful, both mentally and physically. Being far from both beloved and son at once has been the most difficult phase of his life. Even though he split up with his family, he never stops caring for them. 

Once during the basketball match of his son, he was seen cheering up by his ex-wife Regina King. After the match, the duo met up and in the meantime of interaction, they released the important need of their togetherness to raise a child.

Co-parenting Child

Even though the divorce can be tough for both parents and children, the duo overcome with a decision of co-parenting a child together. Despite living separately, the pair raised their son as a loving family. Following all the love and support that Alexander Jr. received from his parents he is moving forward to succeed in his dreams and goals. 

Today, the couple are proud parents as their son is a college graduate and has entered show biz.

No Social Media Presence and Afterlife

Ian Alexander Sr. is among very rare celebrity family members, who prefer privacy moreover limelight. Priority to his nature, he isn't active in any social networking sites. Unlike his ex-wife, he doesn't have any account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

After the divorce, Ian is more likely living a private life out of media reach. According to the 2015 interview of  Regina to ‘The Chicago Tribune; he is in a romantic relationship with mysterious cool women.

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