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Meet Hwang Chan-sung (Chansung) – South Korean Singer From Boy Band 2PM

Published Thu Nov 21 2019 By Akki
Meet Hwang Chan-sung (Chansung) – South Korean Singer From Boy Band 2PM

Hwang Chan-Sung is a renown actor, a singer-songwriter from South Korea, who has appeared in hit movies and TV series such as; What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. He was born on February 11, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea. He is the son of the businessman and has an older brother.

Here are 10 facts about Chansung's life;

What's his Net Worth? 

Hwang Chan-Sung has accumulated an enormous net worth of $3 million through dedication to his career. He is an actor, model, and singer, who has been representing a boy band 2PM. He gets paid as per a deal he had in contract with agencies for his work.

A picture of Chansung.
Chansung posing for a picture.
Image Source: Amino Apps

House in Seoul

The millionaire, Hwang Chan-Sung is a residence of Seoul, South Korea and lives in a luxury condo on his owns. 

According to the realtor pages of Seoul, the houses cost nor less than ₩250,000.

Good Friend - Park Ye-eun

The versatile singer-songwriter,  Park Ye-eun is one of the closet friends of Chan-sung. Following the career and the same interest, the two became best friends. She is a member of the girl group Wonder Girls and Chansung refers to her as a female version of him. 

Education - Alma Mater

Talking about the qualification of Chansung, he studied at Korean Art High School. After that, he enrolled in Howon University of Gunsan, South Korea.

Body Measurement 

The 29 years old star, Hwang Chan-Sung is the tallest member of 2PM, standing at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.84 m). He has an athletic body build with six-pack and weighs around 78 kg (171 Ibs). His eyes look like a topaz gemstone on a brown color and have black hair.

Chansung poses for a cover photo.
Chansung showing his stunning body.
Image Source: Men's Health

Fitness Freak and Gym Center 

Following his career in the show business, Chan-Sung has been quite a concern regarding his look and physical fitness. He prefers to spend most of his free hours doing heavy lifting and endurance. In order to spread health-conscious, he opened a fitness center with his weight trainer, Hwang Mo in 2012. An athletic club is located in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul.

Martial Art 

Apart from being an actor and singer,  Hwang is a high level trained martial artist. He learned martial artists like; Taekwondo and Kumdo, a modern Korean martial. He is a 3rd-degree black belt holder in Taekwondo as he stated in the South Korean TV shows; Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education.

Cat Owner 

The Suspicious Partner actor, Chansung is an avid cat lover and owns grey cat 'Jeonggam'. He has given his best as a master giving full attention to the health and care of his pet. The cat is a notable following his appearance on 2PM's Chansung Instagram and Twitter as well as on YouTube channel.

A picture of Chansung with his cat.
Chansung and his cat at a picture together.
Image Source: twitter


2PM is the famous boy band based on South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment. The group has released numbers of single hit including; Don't Stop Can't Stop. Chan-Sung is a singer and rapper for the group.

The Korean-American singer and songwriter, Jay Park used to be a leader of 2PM.

Serving in Military

Hwang Chan-Sung is serving on South Korean Army. On June 11, 2019, he was enlisted for the mandatory military service.

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