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How Much Is Christina Hendricks Worth? A Deep Dive into Her Net Worth

Published Wed Feb 28 2024 By Nancy
How Much Is Christina Hendricks Worth? A Deep Dive into Her Net Worth

Christina Hendricks is an American actress and former model renowned for her film, television, and theater work. Her impressive career has earned her numerous accolades, including six Primetime Emmy Award nominations, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Critics' Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

What is Christina Hendricks' Net Worth and Earnings? 

Christina Hendricks, an American actress, boasts a net worth of $10 million. She gained widespread recognition for her role in "Mad Men." During the later seasons of "Mad Men," Hendricks earned a peak salary of $100,000 per episode, although her salary fluctuated over the years.

Christina Hendricks is posing for a picture.
Christina Hendricks is posing for a picture. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Starting her career as a model, Hendricks has been lauded as "The Sexiest Woman in the World" and "The Best-Looking Woman In America" by various publications. However, her success as an award-winning actress is not solely attributed to her appearance. 

Throughout her time on "Mad Men," Christina garnered numerous awards and accolades. Beyond television, Hendricks has appeared in several films and is also a skilled voice actor.

Christina Hendricks Real Estate 

In 2011, Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend purchased a home in Los Feliz, near the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood, for $1.7 million. Then, in 2016, Hendricks and her then-husband Geoffrey bought an 800-square-foot, one-bedroom condo in New York City for $1.155 million

Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend purchased a home in Los Feliz.
Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend purchased a home in Los Feliz.
Photo Source: Instagram

They still owned their Los Angeles property at that time, indicating they wouldn't be residing in the newly acquired condo much. 

Following their divorce, Hendricks and Arend sold the New York property for $1.2 million, barely turning a profit on their initial investment. In 2020, Geoffrey bought a new home in Los Angeles for $1.2 million, leaving Christina alone in their former family home.

Christina Hendricks Career Highlights

Early Career 

Christina Hendricks initially pursued a career in modeling, securing a spot on the cover of "Seventeen" magazine at just 18 years old after winning a competition. She signed with IMG Models and ventured to New York City, embarking on a successful modeling journey that took her around the globe. 

From the ages of 18 to 27, Hendricks traversed Japan and London, establishing herself as a sought-after model. During her modeling tenure, she transitioned into commercial work, landing roles in advertisements for brands such as Dr. Pepper and Carl's Jr. 

Eventually, Christina relocated to Los Angeles with her family, where she embarked on her acting journey. Her early acting credits include appearances in the MTV series "Undressed" and a leading role in the Showtime series "Beggars and Choosers." She also made a notable guest appearance in the series "Angel."

As her career gained momentum, Hendricks secured prominent roles in television, including appearances in "ER," "The Court," "Tru Calling," "Kevin Hill," and the critically acclaimed sci-fi series "Firefly."

Mad Men 

Christina Hendricks' breakthrough came in 2007 when she secured a significant recurring role in the series "Mad Men." Portraying Joan Holloway, an office manager guiding other women in an advertising agency dominated by predatory and patriarchal men, Hendricks captivated audiences. 

Christina Hendricks' breakthrough came in 2007.
Christina Hendricks' breakthrough came in 2007.
Photo Source: Instagram

The series, lauded for its depiction of the 1960s, ran until 2015, earning widespread critical acclaim. Hendricks received accolades from critics and won several awards and nominations for her portrayal. 

While starring in "Mad Men," Christina also appeared in various other projects. She made her film debut in "La Cucina" and featured in another film titled "South of Pico." 

Additionally, Hendricks appeared in four episodes of NBC's "Life." In 2011, she garnered further acclaim for her supporting role in Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive."

That same year, Christina graced the stage in a production of "Company" and lent her voice to the video game "Need for Speed: The Run." In 2012, she landed a significant role in the film "Ginger & Rosa."

After Mad Men 

As "Mad Men" drew to a close, Christina Hendricks delved into the world of film, appearing in productions like "Lost River" and "Dark Places." Following the conclusion of the iconic series, she embarked on a recurring role as a prostitute in the comedic series "Another Period."

In 2016, Hendricks collaborated once again with director Nicolas Winding Refn on the film "The Neon Demon" before securing a recurring role in the series "Hap and Leonard." 

Continuing her diverse acting endeavors, Christina took on a role in the 2018 horror film "Strangers: Prey at Night," despite its lukewarm critical reception, the movie proved to be a commercial success. That same year, she landed recurring roles in series such as "The Romanoffs" and "Good Girls." capping off the year with a part in the film "American Woman." 

In 2019, Hendricks lent her voice to the character Gabby Gabby in Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 4."

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