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Hopsin's $4 Million Net Worth - His Rapping Career Great and Going Strong

Published Wed Jan 08 2020 By aisha
Hopsin's $4 Million Net Worth - His Rapping Career Great and Going Strong

Marcus Jamal Hopson mostly known for his stage name Hopsin is an American rapper and actor who has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Most of the Hopsin's worth is from his career as a rapper.

Hopsin is best known for his appearance in movies and television series like Fame(2009), Murder in the First (2015), and Max Keeble's Big Move(2001).

A picture of Hopsinin in his whole black outfit and white contact lens.
Hopsin has an estimated net worth of $4 million.
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Hopsin has a whopping net worth of $4 million from his multiple careers as a rapper, record producer, director of music videos, and actor. He has gathered his worth from his 5 studio albums, 44 singles, 48 music videos, and 2 mixtapes. He also earns from his concerts, tours, and live performances.

Bought his first Lamborghini

Hopsin in his first grey Lamborghini.
Hopsin in his first Lamborghini.
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On February 17, 2018, Hopsin bought his first Lamborghini worth $287,400. He also has filmed buying a Lambo and has posted it on his YouTube channel which has over 1.4 million views on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

Hopsin joined YouTube on Mar 19, 2009, and has over 2.76 million subscribers and a total of 823 million viewers. However, a YouTube channel owner earns $3 - $5 per 1000 views.

Earning from Tours

In 2011, Hopsin went on a tour to promote his album Raw on a two-month nationwide tour. Then in 2012, Hopkins and other Funk Volume artists went on three months worldwide tour by doing 58 shows in 60 days. He then went on Knock Madness album tours at the beginning of 2013. 

Clothing Line

A boy wearing Hopsin's t-shirt.
Hopsin clothing line named Undercover prodigy.
Image Source: Redbubble

Hopsin also has a clothing line under the named of Undercover Prodigy. He sells shirts, hoodies, hats, bennies, trousers, skate decks, and more on the online clothing store.

Earned $3 million from his albums and songs

In November 2010, Hopsin released an album Raw which dropped a song named 'Sag My Pants' that successfully sold more than 500,000 copies. Then he released an album named Pound Syndrome which was released by Funk Volume and Warner Bros records which made its place in the 17th position of Billboard 200 and 4th position on the US chart.  

Hopsin then released an album named Knock Madness on November 26, 2013, which reached the 78th position in Billboard 200 while sold 12,000 copies in its first week. He has earned $3 million alone from his albums and songs as well as from his concerts and tours.

Earning as an Actor

Hopsin has appeared in ten series, short videos, and movies from which he has earned $500,000 which has helped him to increase his worth. Some of his best works are Paradise City (2019), Seven Bucks Digital Studios (2016), Fame(2009).

Goes in Luxury Vacations

Hopsin enjoying his vacation in a large swimming pool.
Hopsin enjoying his vacation.
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From his hectic life, Hopsin takes some break and enjoys his leisure time by going on vacation with his friends and with his manager and president of undercover prodigy. He has been spotted enjoying his vacation on the beach of California, Utah, South Africa, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and many other places. 

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