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Get to Know Homa Bash - Pics and Facts About South Indian Reporter From Canada

Published Thu Jan 28 2021 By Samana
Get to Know Homa Bash - Pics and Facts About South Indian Reporter From Canada

Homa Bash is a popular journalist born on April 12, 1987, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her full name actually is Homa Fatima Quazilbash which originates from Shi'ite- a member of the branch of Islam.

Here are some facts on the South Indian journalist:

Net Worth

Homa Bash's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. The average wage made by the journalists annually is $39,616. She earned her wealth through her career as a journalist.

Marriage With Daniel Ball

For an Indian to marry someone from outside their ethnicity, let alone nationality is a huge thing. When the news about Homa's marriage got out, people were really curious to see how she would marry. 

I mean, not everyone is Priyanka Chopra Jonas, right? But, Homa did not disappoint her Indian fans. She married a guy from different ethnicity in the most typical Indian style. 

From clothes to the actual ceremony, everything was done in her hometown style which shows that she still remembers her roots even though she has become big in the States. 

Homa Bash with her husband on her wedding bash!
Homa Bash with her husband on her wedding bash!
Image Source: Cleveland Magazine

She married Daniel Ball with whom she survived a long distance relationship. they had been going out and dating for some while but due to work, they had to do long distance which most couple do not survive. But lucky for them, they did, got married and their little ones are on their way.

Infertility Battle

Homa has been very vocal about her and her husband, Daniel's infertility problem. She also talks about how most people do not talk about infertility problems enough and how it is still taboo. 

However, she and Daniel went to the hospital and got treatments done so that they could also have their own babies. 

On 13th January 2021, Homa and her husband announced that they were pregnant. They obviously did it with their work on their mind by taking picture with two baby onesies which has 'developing story' and 'breaking news' on it. 

They posted that along with a photo of the ultrasound which shows two fetus which means that THEY ARE HAVING TWINS!!! 

Homa Bash's pregnancy announcement.
Homa Bash's pregnancy announcement.
Image Source: Instagram/homabash

Alma Mater- Education

Homa is originally from Kolkata, India and she came to the United States for her further education. She did her B.A. in Journalism, Middle East Studies and Political Sciences from University of Arkansas. 

Again, she did her M.S. in Journalism from the Northwestern University. She graduated with flying colors and started working right after. 

Police Case

Homa actually gained her fame when someone called the police on her while she was working. Someone had dialed 911 because they saw a strange-looking white van with a cameraman and a Hispanic woman because of her dark skin. When all the misunderstandings were clear, they let her go. 

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