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Holly Revord, Mother to Young Star Raegan Revord

Published Tue Jan 23 2024 By Nancy
Holly Revord, Mother to Young Star Raegan Revord

Holly Revord is best recognized for being the mother of actress Raegan Revord. Raegan is well-known for her roles as Missy Cooper in "Young Sheldon" and Megan in "Modern Family." 

Holly's husband, Jacob Revord, is the Manager of Information Security Awareness and Training at Sony Pictures. In this article, learn more about Holly's personal and professional life. 

How Rich is Holly Revord? 

Holly Revord, the well-known mother, has chosen to keep her net worth and professional details private, leaving her financial status under scrutiny. Whereas, her daughter, Raegan Revord, is rumored to have amassed a net worth of $1.5 million through her thriving acting career at a young age. 

 Raegan Revord is a popular child actress.
Photo Source: Instagram

While Holly's financial information remains undisclosed, the substantial earnings of Raegan in the entertainment industry are a point of pride, highlighting her early success in the acting realm. 

Details of Holly Revord's Love Life 

The information about Raegan Revord's father is not widely known, and there are only vague details about his relationship with Holly Revord. He serves in the US Army as a peacekeeping soldier with the United Nations, often being away for long periods, which explains his limited presence in the family. 

Despite some reports wrongly suggesting that Holly is a single mother, the couple dated for more than 5 years before tying the knot, although specific wedding details are not revealed. Their only child, Raegan, was born in San Diego on January 3, 2008. 

Holly Revord Children

Raegan Revord is the only child of Holly Revord and her father, whose military career likely played a role in the decision to have just one child. Factors such as Holly's age and busy schedule may have influenced the couple's choice not to have more children.  

Holly Revord is famous for being the mother of actress Raegan Revord. 
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Raegan's parents haven't had additional children, and her status as the only child reflects a deliberate decision influenced by various factors. These factors include the demands of her father's military service and the dynamics of her mother's lifestyle.

Who is Raegan Revord's Father, Jacob Revord? 

Despite online rumors, actor Ryan Phillippe is not the father of Raegan Revord. Raegan's actual father is Jacob Revord, not Phillippe. Raegan clarified the misconception by sharing pictures with Phillippe on Twitter, specifying that he is like a "daddy" in a movie-related context. 

The caption was related to their roles in the film "Wish Upon," without implying any familial relationship. It's important to distinguish between on-screen roles and real-life relationships. 

Meanwhile, Phillippe is indeed the father of his son, Deacon Reese Phillippe. Therefore, Raegan's family ties are accurately linked to Jacob, and any confusion arises from misinterpretations of movie-related posts.

Holly Revord is Engaged in Social Works

Holly Revord actively advocates for racial equality and strives to eliminate racism from society. She envisions a world where people can coexist in peace and harmony, regardless of their race, gender, or color.

In addition to her commitment to anti-racism initiatives, Revord is a compassionate humanitarian. She contributes to those in need by donating clothes and essential supplies.

Not only does Holly actively participate in philanthropy, but she also encourages others to join her in these efforts. She showcased her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those facing challenges. 

Holly Revord's Impact on Raegan Revord's Life  

Holly Revord, preferring to stay out of the limelight, has silently played a crucial role in guiding her daughter, Raegan Revord, through Hollywood. Raegan gained recognition with her role as Missy Cooper on CBS's "Young Sheldon," following earlier appearances in "Modern Family" and an early start in entertainment at the age of 4. 

In her role as Raegan's mother, Holly organized shows and introduced her to theaters, nurturing her talents. Since Raegan's rise to fame, it appears that Holly's focus is primarily on supporting her daughter, with unclear details about any separate job.  

Even though Holly's work history isn't documented online, her significant influence on Raegan's successful Hollywood journey is unmistakable. 

Know More About Holly Revord's Daughter

Holly Revord's daughter, Raegan Revord, is a young American artist who has showcased her acting prowess since childhood. Renowned for portraying the twin character of Sheldon Cooper in "Young Sheldon," she was born on January 3, 2008, in San Diego, California, and is the sole child of her parents. 

 Raegan Revord is a young American artist who has showcased her acting prowess since childhood.
 Raegan Revord is a young American artist who has showcased her acting prowess since childhood.
Photo Source: Instagram

Introduced to acting by her mother during her early years, Revord was familiar with the world of theatre and began performing at a young age. With 11 credits on her IMDb profile as of now, her notable roles include appearances in "Young Sheldon," "Modern Family," "Alexa & Katie," "I See You," "Grace and Frankie," and more. 

Although still in her teen years, Raegan is expected to engage in additional projects in the future, evolving into one of the industry's successful actresses. 

Regarding Raegan's personal life, she is currently single and has not expressed any inclination towards being in a relationship. Active on Instagram with the username @raeganrevord, she has garnered over 830k followers, mostly sharing insights into her professional journey.

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