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Hollie A Strano

Published Sun Jul 10 2022 By chanel
Hollie A Strano

Hollie Strano is a celebrated meteorologist at Cleveland's WKYC studios who specializes in forecasting and online networks. She is also an Emmy Award-winning Mental Health Advocate. She has reported on a variety of topics, including weather. She also collaborates with networks such as Channel 3 News Today.

This lady had many experiences with the channel over the decades, namely presenting several programs, along with a cooking show. In 2005, Cleveland Magazine named her one of the city's most intriguing personalities.

Early Life

Hollie Strano was born in Lyndhurst, Cleveland, Ohio on December 3, 1972. Her mother, Joni Strano, gave birth to her, however, her father's identity is unknown. The clan is of white ethnic origin and holds American citizenship. She also grew up with two siblings, one sister, Stephanie Strano, and one brother, Mike Strano.

Strano attended Saint Clare School Cleveland during her primary years before enrolling in Notre Dame Cathedral Latin High School. Similarly, she enrolled at John Carroll University to finish her high school career. Strano then transferred to Mississippi State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Applied Science. She also completed a post-graduate study in meteorology at the university.

First Marriage

Brian Toohig is Hollie Strano's first husband, whom she met while attending NDCL high school. Hollie was only 15 years old when she started dating Brian, who gave her a plush animal on Valentine's Day. The couple had been married with kids Grady Toohig and Jessica Toohig for almost a decade.

Hollie Strano and kids Grady Toohig and Jessica Toohig (Source: IG)

Unfortunately, the marriage ended in 2011 for personal purposes that have yet to be disclosed. She reverted to her maiden name, Hollie Strano, following the divorce. She has been candid about how difficult it is to rehabilitate from a divorce, but she has learned a lot from her failed marriages. Amidst the split, she thanks her kids for cheering her up because she enjoys being a mother and coming home from work to see her offspring.

Second Marriage

Hollie Strano for the second time married Alex Giangreco, the guy with 10 years of bartending experience. They encountered her in Florida when she was on vacation. They swapped contact information in Casablanca before heading to Aruba Beach for their first date. After several years of dating, they agreed to take their relationship seriously by getting engaged. Alex proposed to Hollie in front of the Fort Lauderdale Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Hotel. In November 2014, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Their ceremony took place on Aruba's beach, where they first met. Their parents, best man, maid of honor, and a few other guests witnessed the destination wedding.

Hollie Strano and Alex Giangreco (Source: Wikinetworth)

Afterward, they planned a larger marriage ceremony and decided to invite over 200 guests, including WKYC co-host John Anderson. Hollie switched her surname after the marriage and took her husband's surname, Giangreco. Tragically, their romantic tale did not end blissfully ever after, as they split up after 3 years of marriage. Hollie confirmed the split with Alex on Twitter on June 15, 2017. The motive for the separation is unknown because they have kept silent on the subject. As of now, she has been posting intimate pictures with a guy named Bradley Forward on her Instagram account.

Anxiety Attacks and Health Problems

This American meteorologist and journalist have been upfront about visiting the doctor repeatedly to deal with mental health and anxiety difficulties, particularly after two multiple divorces. Many of Strano's fans were concerned about her health. She decided against going to office in one instance owing to what was portrayed as a health scare. Although she did not go into detail about what transpired at work, she subsequently made a public statement saying that doctors discovered nothing abnormal and that she was ready to return to employment. 

She later told up about her recent issues with acute anxiety, which she's been dealing with for a few years. She was typically a joyful and pleasant person, but divorces had an emotional impact on her. She immediately took psychological treatment with the support of her family, which she thanks for saving her life. She also thanks her admirers for their support during her difficult times. She came out about her struggle because she felt blessed despite going through a difficult time and wanted to empower others, particularly those seeking specialist care for acute anxiety.

Career/ WKYC TV Station

Hollie began her career with the Cleveland-based television station WKYC. People immediately accepted and liked her since she has a terrific way to report and delivering to the audience. She advanced in her profession and ultimately became a co-host of the one-and-a-half-hour live program "Live On Lakeside Show," which airs on Channel 3 News. The show features Cleveland natives as well as celebs, and it also includes a weather forecast, which is where Hollie enters the scene. The show's advertisers are also given time throughout the program to promote their wares; the show itself is a huge success, competing with other popular shows like "The Price is Right" on CBS. Hollie has collaborated with some of the industry's most well-known figures, including Alexa Lee, Michael Estime, and Joe Cronauer. 

Hollie Strano in her work studio (Source: FB)

Hollie is not only a meteorologist, but she is also an exceptional cook; she has a cooking program in which she discusses her favorite recipes with her viewers. She was designated one of Cleveland Magazine's most intriguing persons. She has garnered numerous honors for her great work in assisting others with anxiety and mental health. The Nord Center in Lorain County presented her with the "Open Door Award for Advocacy Achievement." She was also given the "Helping Hands Award" by the ADAMHS Board in Cuyahoga County.

Hollie Strano's Net Worth

Hollie Strano's net worth is expected to be over $600,000 as of early 2022, owing largely to a successful career in broadcast meteorology. She has been a professional meteorologist and respected presenter in the television industry for over 20 years. A TV host and a meteorologist might earn between $60,600 and $74,500 per year.

She's been with WKYC for several years, and her success has led to other changes, particularly in the internet realm, where she has a sizable fan base too. She resides in a magnificent mansion and travels to many locations. Looking at her magnificent career, Hollie's net worth will definitely rise in near future.

COVID Positive?

The media personality was quarantined as she has recently contracted COVID and has been absent from the show. Despite being immunized, the anchor contracted the infection. Strano, in fact, has updated her fans with an Instagram post. She has explained her absence on television and even urged her supporters to wear veils and to stay protected.

The hard-working lady is off the air due to COVID. Following approval from her PCP, the presenter will return to television. Matter of fact, the headline of her online content post reads, "Will consider you to be as soon as I get the all-clear from my primary care physician!"

Social Media Presence

This American meteorologist and journalist is a frequent social media user who can be found on a variety of venues. As a professional, one of the channels for gathering and spreading information is digital networking.

 Actually, she has over 56K fans on her Facebook page. Holly also has approximately 28K Instagram followers under the username of @holliestrano.Furthermore, she has over 30.1K followers on Twitter.

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