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Get to Know Hilary Quinlan - Facts and Pics Bryant Gumbel's Wife Who is a Journalist

Published Wed Jan 20 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Hilary Quinlan - Facts and Pics Bryant Gumbel's Wife Who is a Journalist

Hilary Quinlan got immense fame after getting married to Bryant Gumbel. Her husband is a television journalist and sportscaster who has been working since 1972. 

She was born in the United States and raised by her parents. Quinlan acquired her bachelor's degree from Western Washington University. Before marriage, she was living a private life and was not a camera sensation.

Let's look at the below passage to know more about her. 

Net Worth: $2 million

Hilary Quinlan has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She made her massive fortune as a researcher, author, and model. 

Hilary has worked at the multinational investment bank and financial service company, 'Goldman Sash'. In her past, she has also done some work in a modeling agency. 

Associated with the UNICEF

Bryant' Gumbels lovely wife is a member of  UNICEF USA, where she currently serves as the board of directors. Since 2012, Quinlan joined the organization that helps to improve and build their celebrity and ambassador marketing strategy. 

In fact, she has published her cookbook, 'UniChefs: Top Chefs Unite', for UNICEF. The book is also the source to raise money for children. 

Hilary Quinlan's book 'UniChefs: Top Chefs Unite', for UNICEF.
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Husband: Bryant Gumble

Hilary Quinlan is the wife of "NBC Sports" co-host, Bryant Gumble. On 24th August 2002, the duo exchanged vows for being a life partner in Palm Beach, Florida. 

Since then, they look like happy couples and attendants events holding each other hands. Their marriage has been now 18 years, and look like fresher lovebirds. 

At the event with husband Bryant Gumble.
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Spouse's Previous Marriage

Before having a romantic relationship with Quinlan, Mr. Gumble was a divorced man whereas his former wife is June Baranco. The two met on a Chicago tour through their mutual friend. Then, the two slowly became friends and later lovers. 

On 1st December 1973, the pair wedded as a private ceremony in front of family and close friend. They were happy with their married life, but sadly after 28 years of conjugal life, the two got a divorce in 2001. The former couple remains friends for their two children. 

Her Spouse with his first wife June Baranco.
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Two Step-Children  

Gumble's wife is the stepmother of two children who are from her spouse's first marriage. Her two stepchildren are Jillian Beth Gumble and Bradley Christopher Gumble. 

Despite being the steps, the three have a good relationship with each other and are also spotted together at the events as a family member. 

A picture with Jillian Beth Gumble and Bradley Christopher Gumble.
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Fitness Freak

The 49 years, Quinlan is a fitness freak who has been maintaining her body. She follows diet rules and does daily exercise to keep fat free figure. At the events, we can see the slim and hot body. 

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