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Herwig De Bruyne - Kevin De Bruyne's Father and Manager

Published Sat Jan 08 2022 By sijal
Herwig De Bruyne - Kevin De Bruyne's Father and Manager

Herwig De Bruyne is the father of a famous footballer Kevin De Bruyne of the Belgium national team who was the striker for Premier League club Manchester City. 

Herwig is a businessman and father of two talented children Kevin De Bruyne and Stefanie De Bruyne. He is currently living with his family in 71Queen Victoria Street, London, England. 

Family and Children

Father of Famous footballer had worked in the oil industry in his struggling phase. He then met his soulmate Anna De Bryune while working in oil factories as Anna was a petroleum Engineer.

Herwig De Bryune with his family
Herwig De Bruyne with his son Kevin De Bryune and wife Anna De Bruyne. source:@HLN

They got married early at the age of 18 and had their first child baby boy Kevin De Bruyne on the 28th of June 1991. After the boy, they were blessed with the baby girl Stefanie De Bruyne.

As a father of 'Kevin De Bruyne' 

Mr. Bruyne's son was a big dreamer from his childhood he was interested much in football. For catching his dreams he left the home and went to attend Genk's Academy. 

Herwig always supported his son's dreams and became his backbone in every phase of his life.

'Kevin De Bruyne' career as a Footballer

King of Manchester City and Belgium Soccer De Bruyne was always a top footballer for his team. He first played in a club, KVV Drongen which was located in his hometown. 

Kevin is now so popular as a soccer player, he is called a 'Complete footballer'. 

Kevin De Bryune receiving his award in Manchester City programme
Herwig De Bryune's son Kevin De Bryuyne received his award as the best midfielder in Manchester City. source:@Factmandu

Networth of Herwig De Bruyne

Herwig De Bruyne has a total net worth which is estimated to be $1 million whereas his son Kevin De Bruyne net worth as a footballer is over $80 million. 

Herwig is the manager of his own son, he handles his career and public image. 

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