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Helen Hunt’s Plastic Surgery Transformation – Before and After Pictures

Published Sun Aug 04 2019 By DGM
Helen Hunt’s Plastic Surgery Transformation – Before and After Pictures

The American actress, screenwriter and director Helen Hunt is alleged to have gone under the knife and have three plastic surgeries.

Helen, who is worth $55 million, has always been reluctant about answering the rumors of having any type of cosmetic surgery done to her body. She claims that her body is plastic-free and purely natural.

Helen Hunt Before and After

The California native has changed a lot throughout these years in terms of her facial layout. From her eyes to every part of her face, every part has altered to a huge extent.

Take a look at the picture below that shows Helen then and Helen now:

A before and after picture of Helen Hunt.
Helen Hunt before (left) and after (right).

In the given picture, we get to know that the 'What Women Want' star has allegedly modified her facial layout through surgery. Moreover, her neck has also become lifted in the right one if compared to the left one which is of her past. She is rumored to have done Facelift, Necklift and used Botox Injections.

Neck Lift

If you took a close look at the picture given above, you can easily point out that Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan and Emmett Carnahan's mother doesn't have the same type of neck that she used to have in the past days when she appeared in the sitcom 'Mad About You'. Her neck is comparatively longer and stretched out than before.

The four-time Emmy Award winner's neck looks has become elongated than how it was in the past. This difference in her neck makes it more convincing that she indeed visited a professional surgeon.  

Botox Injections

Helen Hunt is also linked with rumors of using Botox injections on her face. It is because her face doesn't have many aging symptoms like fine lines despite being over 50 years old. 

A before and after picture of Helen Hunt.
Helen Hunt has allegedly undergone Botox treatment.

As we can easily see in the picture given above, she used to have creases on her forehead and wrinkles around her eyes in the past. But she doesn't have much of those creases on her face at present. Fans credit that going under the knife should have resulted in Helen's considerably young face.

Face Lift

Matthew Carnahan's former partner is also accused to have undergone a Face Lift procedure. This may be true as her face has become a bit stretched and much younger than her actual age. The sagging or folds of skin on the jawline and cheeks of the star has reduced at a shocking percentage. 

A before and after picture of Helen Hunt showing changes throughout these years.
Helen Hunt has transformed a lot throughout her career.

The four-time Golden Globe Award-winning actress doesn't seem like she has crossed the half-century of her life because she has a gorgeous and beautiful face like a lady in her thirties. It is amazing how the star has been able to manage herself in such an impressive way at this point in her life. 

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