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Get to Know Heather Hays - Facts and Detail on This Beautiful Reporter From "Fox 4"

Published Tue Feb 16 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Heather Hays - Facts and Detail on This Beautiful Reporter From "Fox 4"

Heather Hays is a promising news anchor who has been working for 'Fox 4'. For her outstanding performance as a reporter, she has won several awards such as the 'AP Award' and the 'Katie Awards'.  

On 23rd November 1966, she was born to American parents in Houston, United States. Her mother worked with the formerly homeless Veterans in Houston. Hays grew up with her six brothers. 

Here is some information about Hays. 

Net Worth and Salary

Heather Hays has an estimated net worth of $2 million whereas her annual salary is around $70,000. Her television career began in 1994 from 'Fox 4' network, where she served as a news anchor.

Heather appeared on her own show, 'Heather with the Weather.' There she covered the stories of Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl victory in New Orleans. Moreover, the reporter covered "Shattered Dreams", the event organized by the student of Poteet High School. 

Involvement in Charity Foundation

The anchor is active in the social works. She has associated with non-profits organizations, 'Child Abuse Prevention' and 'Peanut Butter Ministry'. Hays has always donated from her worth and dedicates her quality of time to charity. 

Married Life 

Heather Hays is a married woman and living a joyful life with her husband, Jeff Roberts. The two became husband and wife in 2007, after dating for short period. 

The couples have equally managed their personal and professional life. They have already passed their 13 years of life with each other. 

Heather Hays with her husband Jeff Roberts.
Image Source: Pinterest

Two Children 

She is the mother of two beautiful girls, Emmy and Lilly Roberts. Her first daughter was born in 2007 and the youngest one in June 2008. 

They are growing up as happy children with their families. Both daughters live a private lifestyle but appear in some events with parents. 

Two daughters Emmy Roberts and Lilly Roberts with Steve Noviello.
Image Source: Twitter

Past Relationship 

'Fox 4' anchor was previously engaged before meeting with Roberts. Her late fiance's name has been kept under the curtain. 

In her book "Surviving Suicide: Help Tp Heal Your Heart", Hays has written the tragedy phase of her life after the suicide of her fiance. In fact, she was ashamed of loss and told people that he died in a car accident. 

Before Being Television Personality 

Hays was interested in the modeling industry before becoming in television as a news anchor. She is a former 'Miss Hawaii'  titleholder during her college days. Later, went to 'Miss USA', where she lost to her friend, Shannon Marketic.  

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