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Meet Kit Hoover’s Daughter Hayes Sullivan With Husband Crowley Sullivan – Pictures and Facts

Published Mon Jun 10 2019 By DGM
Meet Kit Hoover’s Daughter Hayes Sullivan With Husband Crowley Sullivan – Pictures and Facts

Hayes Sullivan, the younger daughter and middle child of the famous TV personality, Kit Hoover with her husband, Crowley Sullivan. She was born on the 18th of July, 2003, and has an elder sister, Campbell Sullivan, and a younger brother, Crowley Sullivan Jr. from his parents.

The derivation of the name 'Hayes' is of English origin which means "from a hedged area". Kit and Crowley have given the nickname 'Hayesie Daysie Duke' to their daughter, Hayes.

What is Hayes Sullivan Parent's Net Worth?

Hayes's mother, Kit Hoover is a renowned TV personality who has a thrilling net worth of $5 million. She has amassed a huge fortune from her successful career as a broadcast journalist and sportscaster. The host of Access and the co-host of Access Live, Hoover earns a great amount of dollars from the profession. Moreover, the former employee of the ESPN and Fox News Channel earns around $50,000 as a sportscaster and journalist.

A picture of Kit Hoover and her husband, Crowley Sullivan.
Kit Hoover and her husband, Crowley Sullivan. 
Image Source: Instagram@kithoover

Crowley Sullivan, the father of Hayes, is a well-known TV producer as well as the Vice President of Programming and Acquisition at ESPN. Also, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of MandtVR, a well-established media company, Sullivan earns an estimated amount between $90,000 to $1,32,000.

Siblings of Hayes-Campbell and Crowley

Born to a prominent couple, Hayes has two siblings; an elder sister and a younger brother from her parents. The trio have a very great bond with each other and are often seen together on their mamma's Instagram account. 

A picture of Hayes Sullivan with her siblings.
Hayes Sullivan with her siblings.
 Image Source: Instagram@kithoover

Campbell Sullivan

Campbell Sullivan is the eldest child and daughter of the celebrity parents; Kit and Crowley. She is one year older than Hayes and five years older than the youngest kid of Kit.

Crowley Sullivan Jr.

Crowley Jr. is the youngest child of  Kit and her husband, Crowley. Not to miss, he is also the younger brother of Hayes and Campbell.

Mamma's  Princess - Hayes Sullivan

Hayes Sullivan is her mamma's princess and shares a lovely and special bond with her. The teenager resembles her mother in every manner and is as beautiful as her mom. Crowley's wife loves her middle child very much and is often seen posting pictures more precisely with her daughter. We can say that the majority of the photos that the 'Access Live' host posts include her beautiful younger daughter. A promising mother, Kit loves all of her three kids very much. 

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If Hayes chooses to pursue a career in the field of journalism and broadcasting, then it is sure that her mamma will have her back and polish her child with all the skills she has.

A picture of Hayes Sullivan with her mamma, Kit Hoover.
Hayes Sullivan with her mamma, Kit Hoover. 
Image Source: Instagram@kithoover

Hayes is living a luxurious life

Hayes's parents are both very renowned celebrities who have a net worth of millions. And being the second child of such prominent parents, she surely has to live a Lavish life. From expensive clothes to gadgets, she has it all; thanks to her parents' millionaire status.

Hayes also has an Instagram account like her mother who has over 92k followers. Crowley's younger daughter also has got 1k+ followers which is a pretty good number. The numbers are sure to increase because we believe that she is also going to be a famous personality like her mother. 

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