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Hayden Byerly - Facts About "The Fosters" Actor

Published Wed Apr 13 2022 By sijal
Hayden Byerly - Facts About "The Fosters" Actor

Hayden Byerly is a famed American child actor known for his roles in Disney movies and kid's shows. He has become that friendly friend and hero character in the sight of many children. Hayden rose to prominence fame with his series and dramas The Fosters, Zeke, and Luther. 

Byrley was born on October 11, 2000, in Lakewood, Colorado, the United States as a second of Michelle Byerly. However, Byerly's father's name had not been disclosed to the media yet.

Early Life of Hayden

As The Fosters actor started his career in the Hollywood industry at such an early age it was tough for him to manage and enjoy his childhood days at the same time. Though his parents were supportive of him his struggle was all worth it.

 Hayden was raised by his parents and grandparents in Colorado alongside his elder brother Landen Byerly. Hayden was not from a family which was related to any sort of Hollywood or cinema.

Hayden's journey as a child actor in movies

The nominee for Young Artist Award steps into the Hollywood movie through his debut film 11/ 11/ 11 as a fictional character Nathan 'Nat'. With his flawless and childish acting, he slowly got the recognization of young artist Hayden Byerly. 

The Fosters 2013, Zeke and Luther 2009, Growing Up Gorman, Good Trouble 2019, Parenthood 2010, and many more are the list of his best acting movies. On the other hand, Hayden also got the opportunity to voice acting in animated kid's movies like Sofia the First 2012, Lego Marvel's Avengers 2016, Lego Jurrasic Park 2015, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2013.


Hayden Byerly with his family enjoying his holidays wearing a casual t-shirt and black jacket
Hayden Byerly with his mother Michelle Byerly and brother Landen Byerly. source: Instagram@byerly 11

What's the total earnings of Hayden?

The Fosters 2013 fictional character Jude Jacob was earning enough since his debut days in the movies industry. At such an early age he became the financial supporter of his family.

The total estimated net worth of Hayden Byrley is $2.5 million dollars as of 2022. He charged up to $15,000 for doing sponsors and getting featured in magazines. For doing one movie he earns up to $100,000 USD dollars monthly.

Is Hayden gay? 

For child actors, it gets difficult for them to be in the highlight sight of media and the public when they enter their adult phase. Those people who used to love them started to make their idol's personality negative which directly affects their reputation.


Hayden Byerly with his girlfriend Alyssa Jirrels wearing a suit pant
Hayden Byerly with his girlfriend Alyssa Jirrels. source:

 In the case of Hayden, he got backlashed as gay, and people started to point out his gender. However, Byerly never spoke about his gender in public which was obviously an unfair topic to discuss. He fully denied the rumors and didn't get along with the media since then but he respects the LGBT.

Relationship Status of Hayden

Zeke and Luther 2009 actor Hayden Byerly is currently in a relationship with Alyssa Jirrels who is a famed Hollywood actress known for her role as Chai in Girl Meets World. 

The couple met back in 2015 on a movie set although they were just best friends within a year they became an official couple. But they haven't been seen in media as public together as they always point out their relationship as just friends. 

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