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Get to Know Hannah Wilkos - Steve Wilkos' Second Wife

Published Fri May 08 2020 By Lewis Willman
Get to Know Hannah Wilkos - Steve Wilkos' Second Wife

Hannah Wilkos and TV presenter Steve Wilkos were shortly married in 1999 and divorced the same prior any legal complications could arise!

What was the reason behind their separation, given the fact that he was already working with Rachelle Wilkos since 1995 for The Jerry Springer Show, people believe Steve Wilkos fell for Rachelle and after admitting it to Hannah, the pair parted ways in good terms. 

Thank god, it was early, sometimes confusion ruins your whole-entire life, right? So, let's get on with the one that got away from Steve Wilkos' life with facts relating to Hannah Wilkos', here.

Herbrue-Arabic name

Hannah is really an old name and was the mother of Samuel in the Harbrew bible, her name however means god's favor, or grace. Nothing regarding parents, and early life is revealed and she is only known for her very short lived marriage with TV star Steve Wilkos.

Her ex-Husband's net worth

As of 2020, The Steve Wilkos star Steve Wilkos is worth $7 million, and when the pair was married, while he was working for The Jerry Springer Show and also appeared on-screen as Jerry Springer's bodyguard. Back in the day, her ex-husband wasn't as successful as he is now, and the pair separated in complete good terms.

Reason Behind Their Split

This is one interesting topic to cover, as per Steve, Rachelle Lynn and Steve already had worked for Jerry Springer for 4 years when Steve got married, for the second time! Until he go t married to Hannah, he never realized that he was in love with Rachelle. 

Rachelle and Steve Wilkos Pictured Together
Rachelle and Steve Wilkos Pictured Together
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So, he took a bold decision, cut his ties with Hannah and pursued Rachelle. He in an interview said that he realized how much he is love with while he was standing on the set of The Jerry Springer Show, staring at Rachelle.

So, that night, he went home and talked to his wife Hanna, to whom he was married in 1999, and after they had the discussion, the pair parted ways in good terms, and only after that, Steve proposed Rachelle and married her in 2000, a year after his second marriage and divorce with Hanna.

They Obviously, Don't have any children

As it takes nine month for a child to be developed and born,given that they weren't married in the first quarter of 1999, the pair never conceived any baby, which resulted in an easy separation. 

Steve, after his divorce married Rachelle and now has two children with her. The famous TV host and his current wife share two children: a daughter, Ruby Wilkos born three years after their wedding in 2003, and a son Jack born in 2005.

Ruby Wilkos, Steve Wilkos, Rachelle Wilkos, & Jack Wilkos
PC: Steve Wilkos' Twitter

So these were a few unheard facts about Steve Wilkos' second wife Hanna Wilkos, for more, keep up with Glamourpath!