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HAchubby - YouTuber and Streamer Who Worked in Convenience Store Before

Published Tue Jan 18 2022 By aayush
HAchubby -  YouTuber and Streamer Who Worked in Convenience Store Before

HAchubby or Hachu has become a public figure due to her streams and her YouTube channel which has already amassed more than 200K subscribers within a short time. 

Chubby was born in Seoul, South Korea on 30 November 1989. Not only her YouTube channel but she also has fans in her Instagram profile with more than 81K followers.

hachubby wearing a black dress posing with her left hand on her ear
HAchubby is posing on Instagram. source: Instagram@hachubbytv

Streamer's Childhood and Family

As anyone can tell just by looking that HAchubby is not the streamer's real name and her real name is still hidden from the public to this date even when she has become famous around the globe.

Just like her name she has also kept the names of her family members including her parents as well. She says that she likes to keep those things secretive for herself. 

Hachu was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was raised over there during her childhood, and still resides in Seoul itself.

How Did Hachu Enter Streaming?

Hachu has not revealed about her studies or any of her degrees if she has acquired any. But we do know how the now star began her career as an online streamer and a YouTuber.

hachubby sitting on her pink streaming chair wearing a pink sweat shirt
HAchubby's selfie during her stream. source: Instagram@hachubbytv

Chubby initially worked in a convenience store where she used to stream at the beginning of her career. 

In her streams from the past, the streamer was not a good English speaker but with time she improved her skills as she has now fans from different parts of the world.

Hachu's net worth

Hachu's primary source of earning was working in the convenience store before she later had to quit the job because she streamed from the store itself and fans knew her exact location.

Talking about now, she has gained many subscribers on YouTube and uploads videos frequently which earns her some money and along with that, she streams on twitch where she gets donations from fans.

The streamer after she quit her job in the convenience store she right now has established her convenience store and earns sum hefty sum of money. Her net worth is $1.5million and lives in her own house in Seoul.

Relationship and Personal Life

As HAchubby is secretive about most of the personal things in life we don't know about her personal life very much. But we know about her relationship.

Although she is a cute Korean girl with a very good personality she does not have a boyfriend for now. She is focusing on her career instead of her relationship.

hachubby with her friends standing beside her wearing a red sweater
HAchubby with her friends doing cosplay. source: Instagram@hachubbytv

Talking about her personal life HAchubby is a foodie and loves trying new food all the time she is also fond of traveling and keeps checking in different places also to wrap things up she is a fan of anime.

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