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Gwen Stefani's Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos

Published Fri Jul 19 2019 By DGM
Gwen Stefani's Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos

The American Singer and Songwriter, Gwen Stefani has been rumored to have gone undergone the knife and had four plastic surgeries done to enhance her glam and beauty.

Gwen denies all the rumors of having plastic surgeries and tells her fans not to believe in such false rumors. She also insists that it is the magic of her makeup which helps her look more attractive and beautiful. 

Here is a detailed information about the possible surgeries that the star may have:

Gwen Stefani Before and After

In all these years, the 'Just a Girl' singer has evolved to become a very beautiful and lovely woman which makes us doubt her beauty. And the evidence behind this is also very strong, just take a look at the picture given below:

A picture of Gwen Stefani before (left) and after (right).
Gwen Stefani looks so different in the past and at the present.

From the above picture, what we can notice is that the contemporary R&B singer has changed a lot throughout these years. 

From her nose structure, breasts size, and lips size, everything seem to have gone through some sort of changes. This provides strong insinuation towards the use of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Lip Fillers

The first and foremost speculation made to the look of the 49 years old (as of July 2019) actress is the use of lip fillers. Her lips weren't so large and pumped up in the past. They were smaller and thinner in the past and have become larger and thicker at present.

This surely cannot be the use of makeup at all as makeup isn't meant to increase the lips' size of one. The use of injections to make the lips appear more large and juicy can be true. 

Breast Implants of Stefani

Blake Shelton's partner has also had been in allegations regarding breast implants. As her breasts were smaller and just average in the past, people are surprised how she managed to get them so big and attractive at present. 

This made critics more wanting to talk about the hint that she may done breast implants to enhance the size of her breasts. 

A picture of Gwen Stefani before and after.
Gwen Stefano's breasts look enhanced in the current picture.

You can also see in the picture above how normal the breasts of the 'Used to Love You' star were and the picture of her in present days present a whole different story. They surely seem enhanced through cosmetic surgery, don't they?


Botox refers to injections that are used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by paralyzing the face muscles. And as the gorgeous songwriter is a year behind from being in her fifties, she also is alleged to have used the procedure. 

Moreover, it is also guessed that she used the Botox with Blepharoplasty which is an injection used to increase the space of eyelids. This seems reasonable because Stefani looks so stunning despite being 49 years old (as of July 2019).

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is something that the mother of three has been facing for a long, long time now. People assume that she has fixed her nose layout by doing a nose job. Her nose used to be a bit thicker in the past and in the present days, it does not seem so. 

Gwen's nose has become thinner and a bit toned if compared to the past. But we all know that the singer is still going give the credit for it to her makeup!

A picture of Gwen Stefani before and after.
Gwen Stefani's nose looks so different in the past and present.


Tattoos aren't much of a thing that the coach of 'The Voice' is interested in getting. She doesn't seem to like having ink on her body. However, she uses hennas and temporary tattoos for her performances and shows which are a bit of fine replacement too. 

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