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Get to Know Grier Hammond Henchy - Producer & Actor Chris Henchy's Daughter With Actress Brooke Shields

Published Wed Mar 04 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Grier Hammond Henchy - Producer & Actor Chris Henchy's Daughter With Actress Brooke Shields

Grier Hammond Henchy is a baby girl, born to the Hollywood superstar Brooke Shield and her second husband Chris Henchy, a renowned screenwriter and producer. 

Grier weighed 7 pounds at the time of her birth in Los Angeles, California on the 18th of April 2006. She was delivered in the same local hospital on the same date exact date when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their daughter Suri.

Her name 'Grier' is a spelling variation of the Scottish feminine name Greer that represents "alert or watchful". Similarly, 'Hammond' is an English origin name meaning "mountain home".

Parents Net Worth

Both of Grier's parents are successful in their respective career and has compiled enormous net worth of $40 million. Her father, Chris Henchy alone holds a net worth of staggering $15 million, which he compiled through his multiple ventures such as production, writing, and acting. 

A picture of Brooke and Grier Henchy.
Grier Henchy taking a photo with her mama.
Image Source: InStyle Magazine Australia

Likewise, Grier's mother, Brooke Shields is two times Golden Globes Awards nominee actress, model, and producer with $25 million worth fortune.

She started her career as a child actor in 1963 and still engaged in show business. Her critically acclaimed movies and shows are; Suddenly Susan, The Blue Lagoon (1980), and Pretty Baby (1978).

Parents Relationship

Grier's parents Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy had their very first interaction after via a mutual friends in 1999. After dating for a while, the couple planned to take their relationship further and got married on the 4th of April 2001.

The wedding ceremony was attended by their dear ones on the beach at Catalina Island, off the California coast. From their 19 years strong marriage, the duos have two children.

A family photo of Chris Henchy.
Henchy family photo.
Image Source: People

Currently, the pairs live luxurious four-story Greenwich Village townhouse, in Manhattan, New York City with their loving children. 

Prior to their wedlock, Brooke was already married once. She was married to a former tennis star, Andre Agassi. The ex-couple love life came to media attention in the early '90s as their romantic relationship bloomed in 1993.

The former lovebirds exchange the vows on 19 April 1997 promising to live together; However, after six years of marriage, the duo got divorced on 9 April 1999.


Grier's elder sister, Rowan Francis Henchy is three years older than her, born on May 15th, 2003, in Manhattan, New York, United States. 

Her mother Brooke faced postpartum depression after giving birth to Grier. She was successfully conceived after seven rounds of fertility treatments and one miscarriage.

A photo of Brooke with her children.
Brooke and her children come together for a photo.
Image Source: Insta@brookeshields

Resemble Mama

Won't it be amazing to see, someone resembling one of the family members? Justifying the above statement, Grier can be considered as the younger version of her mother Brooke. In the recent public appearance, we noticed mother-daughter jaw-dropping likeness.

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