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Facts About Late Greg Antonacci - Actor, Producer and Director

Published Sun Jun 21 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Late Greg Antonacci - Actor, Producer and Director

Greg Antonacci was director, producer, television actor, and writer who is best known for his work in the American drama series called 'Boardwalk Empire' as Johnny Torrio.

The legendary actor was born as Gregory Gerald Antonacci on February 2, 1947. His birthplace is Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City where he grew up. He died at the age of 70 on 20th September of 2017.

Here are some exciting facts about Antonacci. 

Net Worth of $2 million

'Boardwalk Empire' actor Greg Antonacci has an approximate net worth of $2 million which he managed to amass through his appearances on movies and television series. He increased his annual income as being director, producer, and writer in the entertainment industry.

Married Life 

Antonacci was married to actress Lynda Costanzo who is the third wife of his. The couple exchanged their vow on 31st January of 1981 after dating for a year. Since then, the beautiful couple was together for almost four decades until Antonacci's death. They share one child.

Previously Married Two Times

In his past, he has married with other two women before getting married to actress Costanzo. His first wife was actress Mary Anne Edler with whom he tied the knot in 1970. The couple couldn't take their married life ahead and get divorced in 1975. Even, they were the parents of two children.

Fewer people knew that Greg was wedded to actress Annie Potts. They were married on 21st June of 1978. After one year, they separated legally on 5th April of 1979. 

Has Two Children

From his first and third marriage, Antonacci has in total of three children. He was a good father to his children. He hasn't revealed any information about his children even their name. 

Greg Antonacci with his wife Lynda Costanzo and two children.
Image Source: Pinterest

Education- Alma Mater

Antonacci attended Sacred Heart Grammar School in Hell's Kitchen where he completed his school level. He later went to Powell Memorial High School where he met Kareen Abdul-Jabaar who is a former basketball player. 

After that, he attended Queens College for studying history. At that time he was hoping to become a teacher. Later, he gave an interest in acting and took an acting class. 

Career in Hollywood 

The late Greg Antonacci started his career on the big screen through the movie 'The Great Santa Claus Switch'. Since then he appeared in several movies and TV series such as Busting Loose, Makin' It, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and many more. 

Apart from acting, he had directed many movies and TV series like Herman's Head, Normal Life, Brother, Joanna, and so on.

Greg Antonacci in the TV series 'Boardwalk Empire'. 
Image Source: Pinterest 

Also, the multi-talented actor had worked as a writer in TV series and movies, including Busting Loose, It's a Living, The Royal Family, Favor and Family, and many. Additionally, he had worked as a producer as well as executive producer in Brothers, The Royal family, and many more. 

Eye Problem

Many people have noticed his eye direction. He has Strabismus, known in layman's terms as "lazy eye syndrome". In this syndrome, one eye focuses ahead but the other one "drifts" and focuses slightly off to the side. It makes people look like things do when he/she cross-eyes, except instead of two images moving together they move apart.


The whole Hollywood industry and his family suffered from the tragic phase when the legend Greg Antonacci died on 20th September of 2017. At that time his wife was at his side in his death bed. However, he is still remembered by his family and fans.

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