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Graham Sierota - "Echosmith" Group Singer With His Sierota Siblings

Published Tue Jun 15 2021 By Aashika
Graham Sierota - "Echosmith" Group Singer With His Sierota Siblings

Graham Sierota is a musical artist who is known as the lead drummer of  "Echosmith", the pop music group. The band was formed as a quartet of siblings, whereas the members are Sydney, Noah, Graham, and Jamie Sierota.

On 5th February 1999, he was born in Chino, California, United States. His birth name is Graham Jeffery David Sierota. He is the youngest child of his parents David Sierota and Linda Sierota among four children. His father is a songwriter and producer while his mother is a housewife. 

Let's know more interesting and unknown information about him 

How Much Does Sierota Have Net Worth?

Graham Sierota has an estimated $900 thousand which he managed to amass from his music career. In 2009, he began his career with the band "Echosmith" as the drummer. The band released their first song "Tonight We're Making History". They have released albums such as "Talking Dreams" in 2013 and "Lonely Generation" in 2019. 

The band's singles songs are "Everyone Cries", "Stuck", "God Only Knows", "Over My Head", and so on. Moreover, he has played the drum for the cover version of "Lighting" from the Goulding smash. Graham and his band have covered songs of many artists, includes Billie Eilish. 

Graham Sierota with his band member "Echosmith".
Image Source: E! Online

Celebrity Siblings

Graham Sierota is blessed with three siblings who are renowned personalities in the music industry. His eldest brother is Jamie Sierota, born on 8th April 1993. He is a musician, actor, and composer who has given a soundtrack for numerous series such as "Live with Kelly and Ryan", "Glee", "The Voice", and so on. 

Similarly, Noah Sierota was born on 1st January 1996. He is a music producer, songwriter, and creative director of "Echosmith" band. His only sister, Sydney Sierota came into this world on 21st April 1997. She is the lead singer and keyboardist of their band. The siblings often shared the videos and pictures on their social media. 

Graham Sierota with his siblings Jamie Sierota, Noah Sierota, and Sydney Sierota. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Is The Artist Dating Anyone?

No, "Echosmith" drummer Graham Sierota is single in relationship status. He has not been in love life to date, also keeps personal life away from the limelight. Graham has never been in a rumor regarding his relationship. Currently, he is focusing on his career and making it on the peek, rather than wasting time on affairs. 

What was the issue with Alabama Barker? 

Sierota became the headline of media when the conversation between Graham and Barker's 13-years daughter came out. In 2016, the drummer first messaged her "Hi", which she didn't reply. 

Again, in July 2019, he sent she was "beautiful" and invited her to a barbecue. Where Alabama told him "Ur like 40", then he responded, "I just wanted to say I really like your music and sorry for messaging and I'm 20". 

For this message, Travis's daughter responded "Ok, but u understand I'm a child?" which was their last conversation. Later, Sierota apologized to Alabama and Mr. Braker. 

A picture of Graham Sierota and Alabama Braker's conversation. 

Health Issue 

After the controversy with Barker's daughter, we get to know that Sierota has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a complex developmental condition that involves persistent challenges in social interaction. 

Active on Social Media 

Graham Sierota is an active user of social media. He has an Instagram account with more than 43.8k followers. On Twitter, there are over 33.4k followers and 4,422 tweets. He often shares pictures and videos on his social account. 

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