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Know Grace Urie - Singer Brendon Urie's Mother Who Survuved Breast Cancer

Published Wed Jan 27 2021 By Samana
Know Grace Urie - Singer Brendon Urie's Mother Who Survuved Breast Cancer

Grace Urie is the proud mama bear of Brendon Urie, the lead vocalist of the popular band Panic! at the disco. 

Here are some facts on Grace:

Net Worth

Grace Urie has a net worth of $500,000 which she earned from her career as a hypnotherapist. As a hypnotherapist, she apparently earns $75,000 annually. 

Career as Hypnotherapist

After Grace recovered from Cancer, she started to believe more and more into the spiritual treatment which is just about finding the best within themselves. 

She graduated and received her diploma from the HMI college of Hypnotherapy. She had previously taken simple classes and afterwards again joined the advance course.

Grace Urie is a hypnotherapist.
Grace Urie is a hypnotherapist.
Image Source: Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Husband  - Boyd Urie

Grace Urie's husband is Boyd Urie. The long term married couple were high school sweethearts and tied the knot after they graduated. 

They have lived a blissful life with each other. Boyd is very supportive and loving towards Grace and it is what has kept their years and years of marriage.

Raised Son With ADHD

Many do not know of this but Brendon had a hard time throughout his childhood. He suffered from ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which made it hard for him to concentrate on anything. This impacted him hugely in his studies and other extracurricular activities. 

Grace Urie's son, Brendon Urie.
Grace Urie's son, Brendon Urie.
Image Source: E! Online

He was later diagnosed with the illness and started to take medicine for it. It was difficult for Grace to see her son struggle from a very early age. However, she supported him and was together with him, alongside her husband, in every step of his hardships. 

Battled Cancer

Cancer is a very scary illness and when Grace was diagnosed with it, everyone around her was broken. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

She is a very spiritual person so alongside chemo and other scientific treatment, she also found herself tagging along in meditation and prayers sessions. She healed very quickly which was a miracle that her doctors were shocked too. 

Son Accused of Pedophilia and Sexual Harassment

Many Twitter users came forward and tweeted about Grace's son, Brendon, accusing him of pedophilia and harassing them sexually. They all tweeted about how they were wrongly touched by Brandon. 

This was brought into light after the fans were pressuring the band to fire their manager, Zack Hall, who was also accused of sexual harassment. Both Zack and Brenson has not come out publicly about the issue. Seems like they just brushed the dust under the carpet.

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