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Glena Goranson - Facts and Photos of Pete Carroll's Wife and Mother of Three

Published Thu Feb 25 2021 By Aashika
Glena Goranson - Facts and Photos of Pete Carroll's Wife and Mother of Three

Glena Goranson grabbed the attention of the media and the public as the wife of Pete Carroll. Her husband is a football coach who is serving as the head coach and executive vice president of the Seattle Seahawks. 

The couple is one of the celebs who has set an example of having a happy long-term married life. They have been together for more than four decades and are parents of three children. 

Let's look at more information about Goranson which helps you to know her from close. 

Husband's Net Worth 

Goranson holds her husband's net worth which is around $30 million. Pete Carroll earns approximately $8 million per annum through his profession as head coach. His career began as a Collegiate assistant from 1973-1983 for college University of Arkansas, Lowa State University, and so on. 

Later, he became defensive coordinator and backs for National Football League. Since 2010, Carroll has been working as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. 

Living Luxurious Lifestyle

Being the wife of one of the highest-paid coaches, without any doubt, we can say that Mrs. Carroll is enjoying a lavish lifestyle. She and her family are living in a 3,901 square-foot home in Rolling Hills.

Like this, her spouse is the owner of a 1,200 square-foot bungalow on the North Shore of Oahu that was bought for $1.2 million. In 2015, the two kept their house for the sell which is in Hunts Point that sold for $6.1 million for which they paid $5.9 million previously.

The house of Goranson Couple in Hunts Point, which was sold for $6.1 million.
Image  Source: Los Angeles Times

Met Mr. Carroll at College

Glena Goranson met her life partner, Pete Carroll at the University of Pacific. They both were students and also she was a volleyball player at that time. Soon, the pair introduced and get know each other which led them to be in a relationship. 

On 21st May 1976, the couple walked down the aisle as a private wedding after having a long-term love life. Since then, they have not been separated and have already passed their 45 years with each other. 

Glena Goranson with her husband, Pete Carroll at the events.
Image Source: Getty Image

Mother of Three Children and Stepmother

Goranson is the proud mother of three children, Brennan Carroll, Jaime Carroll, and Nathan Carroll, similarly, is the stepmother of Nate Carroll. 

Her two sons, Brennan and Nate have followed their father's footsteps and have made careers in sports. Whereas the info about Nathan and Jaime is under the curtain. 

Glena Goranson with her spouse, son, and daughter.
Image Source: Disposition-blogger

Grandmother of Three Kids 

She is the grandmother of three grandchildren, one from Brennan Caroll and two from Nate Carroll. 

Glena is very close with her grandchildren and spends her day with them. The happy moment can be seen on the Instagram account of her children. 

A picture with granddaughter.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Husband's Previous Marriage 

Before marrying Mrs. Goranson, a former head coach of USC Trojans football was married to Wendy Pearl. Their relationship began in the early 1970s and tied the knot on 2nd June 1973. After two years of marriage, the pair could go so far and officially got divorced in 1975. 

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