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Meet Giulia Sarkozy - Nicolas Sarkozy's Beautiful Daughter With Wife Carla Bruni

Published Fri Oct 25 2019 By DGM
Meet Giulia Sarkozy - Nicolas Sarkozy's Beautiful Daughter With Wife Carla Bruni

Giulia Sarkozy is a celebrity kid born to the eminent couple of the former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, singer-songwriter and former supermodel, Carla Bruni. She was born on the 19th of October, 2011 in the Clinique de la Muette, located in Paris.

The name 'Giulia' is derived from Italian origin and carries the meaning 'youthful'. Here are some facts about her:

Rich & Prominent Parents

Giulia comes from a very rich family background as both of her parents work in respectable as well as high income generating professions. Her mother, Carla holds an amazing net worth of $15 million from her blissful career as a singer-songwriter and fashion model. Her father Nicolas who is a retired French politician has an estimated net worth of €2 million. Hence, it is pretty sure that their daughter is living one heck of a luxurious life.

Relationship of Parents

Giulia Sarkozy's parents first met back in 2007 at a party through a mutual friend. At the time, Nicolas had been just recently divorced with his ex-wife Cécilia Attias. The two had love at first and the most interesting thing about their love is that the former politician asked the Italian singer to marry him moments after meeting her.

A picture of Giulia Sarkozy's parents.
Giulia Sarkozy's parents.
Image Source: Getty Images

Not only that, Sarkozy even dared Bruni to kiss her on the lips. Their romance grew quick and they walked down the aisle back on February 2, 2008 Élysée Palace located in Paris. Since then, they have been together and living a happy marital life with daughter Giulia as the symbol of their eternal love. 

Four Elder Half-Siblings

The 8 years old daughter of Nicolas has a total of four elder half-siblings. Her siblings include brother Pierre Sarkozy and Jean Sarkozy from her father and his first wife, Marie-Dominique Culioli. 

Among the two brothers, Pierre is the elder one and Jean is the younger one. Her another half-brother is Louis Sarkozy from Nicolas' previous marriage with Cécilia Attias. 

Aurélien Enthoven is her youngest elder half-brother from her mother's previous relationship with a French radio host, Raphaël Enthoven. 

Giulia Sarkozy's Birthday 

On 19 October, Giulia celebrated her 8th birthday with her family and closed ones. Her mamma, Bruni took it to her Instagram and wished her a happy 8 years of coming in this world. She posted a picture of her daughter in a car where she was dressed very pretty and was facing the other side. 

In the caption, she wrote 

'Happy Birthday to my wonderful little girl'. She also stated 'My dear Guilia, Happy Birthday, the best is yet to come'

 in Italian phrase.

A picture of Carla Bruni carrying Giulia.
Carla Bruni carrying Giulia.
Image Source: Growing Your Baby

Mamma Hides Her Face in Instagram Posts

You might get shocked to know that Carla Bruni always hides her daughter's face in the pictures and videos of her Instagram. Yes, she makes very sure that her princess's face doesn't get exposed. It may be a way of her to making her fans eager because almost every pictures and videos which contains her daughter, Giulia do not provide even a small hint of her face. 

You can take example of the video she recently posted on her Instagram where her little darling is dancing facing the other way: 

Also in the picture which we mentioned before saying Carla wished birthday to her daughter, she hasn't revealed her face. We wonder why the musician is doing so? Maybe she is protecting her beautiful daughter from our sight. Sooner or later, we hope that we'll get to have a glimpse of Giulia Sarkozy.

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