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Ginger Specelle Mosley – Che Mack’s Daughter | Photos and Facts

Published Tue Aug 13 2019 By DGM
Ginger Specelle Mosley – Che Mack’s Daughter | Photos and Facts

Ginger Specelle Mosley is the daughter of the famous American rapper and reality television star Chavante Mack or Che Mack with her ex-boyfriend Russell Mosely Jr. aka Made Man. She was born on the 16th of January, 2017.

The name 'Ginger' is a girl's name from English origin and means 'pure'. And as far as the name 'Specelle' goes, it means beautiful and pretty. Here are some of the facts about the daughter of Che Mack:

How Much Are Ginger's Parents Worth?

Ginger Specelle Mosley's parents are very rich as they both come from a rapping background and her mamma is involved in multiple professions. 

Chavante, her mother holds an amazing net worth of $120,000 from her career as a rapper, DJ, and model. Her father, Russell is worth $700,000 which he has accumulated from his career as a successful rapper. Therefore, her parents are very wealthy.

A picture of Che Mack with her ex-partner Made Man.
Che Mack with her ex-partner Made Man.
Image Source: Love Hip Hop Fandom

Split of Parents

Ginger Specelle Mosley's parents Che Mack and Made Man were previously in a relationship. They were together for six long years during which they gave birth to Ginger, their cute daughter. 

But their relationship couldn't last much longer as Mack came to know that her then boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman. That lead to the split of the couple and Che has been single since then taking care of her daughter all by herself without any men.

Loves Dancing With Mom

The daughter of the prominent DJ loves dancing with her mom a lot. She is often seen dancing along her mamma in the videos that Mack uploads on her Instagram. Here is a video where you can see the adorable dancing of the mother and daughter together:

Mamma's Little Princess

The adorable daughter of the rapper is her little princess Ginger Specelle Mosley who features on her Instagram pictures and videos most of the time. 

If you check the 25 years old DJ's IG, you'll notice that the majority of the posts from her account include her daughter Ginger. She is either travelling some cool place or having fun with her mamma playing and shopping around. She barely gets missed in the pictures. This clearly shows that she is the apple of her mother's eye.

A picture of Ginger Specelle Mosley with her mamma Che Mack.
Ginger Specelle Mosley with her mamma Che Mack.
Image Source: Instagram@iamchemack

Has an Instagram Account of Her Own

Made Man's daughter has an Instagram account of her own, thanks to her eminent mamma. The account which goes by the name @gingy.pop has gained a total of 17.2k followers and has posted 432 posts till date. 

The account is managed by Ginger's mom and it clearly focuses on her only. The pictures that her account has include some of the cutest and loveliest moment that mother-daughter duo together have.

Loves DJing Like Her Mamma

It is obvious that most of the time children become like their parents. Same is the case with the two years old baby girl, she has started showing her interest in DJing just like her mom. 

Che Mack has posted a video where she gives a little glimpse of the infant trying the DJ thing wearing the headphones and acting as if she is playing some music. What a cute moment it is!

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