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Ginger Chan - Multi-Talented Journalist Who Has Done Shows With Ryan Seacrest

Published Sat Mar 13 2021 By riya
Ginger Chan - Multi-Talented Journalist Who Has Done Shows With Ryan Seacrest

Ginger Chan is an American reporter and helicopter traffic. She has been serving for KTLA channel 5 since 2008 in Los Angeles. She hosts the morning news there. 

She is also best known for presenting reports to "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" on KIIS-FM and weekend news anchor for KFI-AM. She reports the traffic reports the best. Ginger is much loved for her wonderful voice.


Ginger was born on August 21, but the year of her birth is still unknown. As she joined KTLA in 2008, it can be assumed that she is an 80's kid.

The names of her parents are still undercover. But according to sources, it is found that her mother is a school teacher and her father is an engineer. It is also reported that her parents are Asian.  

Ginger in makeup
Beautiful Ginger Chan.

Image Source: Motherhood In Hollywood

Ginger has three siblings whose names are not known to the public yet.


Chan is an all-rounder. She graduated from the University of Southern California. She was an excellent student since her childhood. 

The talented reporter, Ginger, got her degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.  

The journey of her career

Ginger started her career working for stations such as KIIS-FM, KFI, and KLFA. She secured the position of traffic anchor and news reporter.

Ginger Chan on her work
Ginger Chan on her work 

Image Source: Instagram  

After her work in these stations, she joined KTLA in March 2008.

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Ginger's work in KTLA

Ginger worked in KTLA as the traffic and news reporter from a helicopter, Sky5. She currently helps construction projects and commuters from steer collisions from time 4:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m.  

Ginger as the traffic anchor
Ginger as the traffic anchor

Image Source: Facebook

Ginger also does radio jockeying. She can be heard on the radio every weekday morning on the “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” team on KIIS-FM. This is the same station where she got her intern when she was in college. 

Is Ginger single or married?

The traffic anchor, Ginger, is a married woman with three beautiful kids. She is married to Mark Kono, a sky5 helicopter pilot. 

Ginger and Mark
Ginger and Mark Knono.

Image Source: Instagram 

The exact date of their marriage is not public, though. 

Ginger and Mark's children

Ginger and Mark are blessed by a son and twin daughters who have made their life beautiful. Also, they lighten up their world. 

Ginger and Mark's children
Ginger and Mark's children 

Image Source: Instagram 

They make a pleased family together.

What's her net- worth?

The total of $2 million net worth is estimated to have been earned by Ginger through her career in the broadcasting field.

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