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Gina Kimmel - Jimmy Kimmel's ex-wife

Published Fri Jun 03 2022 By chanel
Gina Kimmel - Jimmy Kimmel's ex-wife

Gina Kimmel is also known as Gina Maddy Kimmel is an accomplished American fashion designer who has exclusively worked on television. Born on 13th December 1964 at Hoffman's estate in the USA, she is known for being the ex-wife of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. 

Gina became famous after appearing on The Man Show. She has been working as a costume designer on several television productions since 2012 and also owns a popular online vintage-inspired loungewear boutique.


In Frame: Gina Kimmel ( Source: Chris Jones Instagram)

The 58-year-old designer is a dual-degree holder. Gina earned a bachelor's degree in business and history from 'Northern Illinois University in 1985. She later graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in communications and journalism.

Party Like the Queen of France (2012), The Man Show (1999), and Party Like the Rich and Famous (2012) all included her as a costume designer. They also included her in cameo roles. Gina currently runs a vintage lingerie company called Maddy James Inc. The company was named after her father, James Maddy.

Marriage and Divorce

Gina Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel before the divorce. (Source: Naibuzz)

Gina Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel met as students at Arizona State University. On June 25, 1988, the young couple married and relocated to Seattle, Washington. Only their closest relatives and friends attended their wedding, which was a low-key ceremony.

For approximately 15 years, the couple lived a happy marriage. In 2002, the couple decided to divorce. On June 16, 2003, the divorce was finalized. Gina mentioned irreconcilable differences in her court file, but no formal statement was made about the basis for their breakup.

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Gina and Jimmy Kimmel had two children, Katie and Kevin Kimmel. They had their first child in1991 and named her Katie. She planned to become a fashion designer, much like her mother.

Kevin, the couple's son, was born on September 19, 1993. Like his parents, he works in the entertainment sector. He appeared on Survivor and Big Brother in 2000.

Did Jimmy Cheat on Gina?

Rumors have it, that their long romance came to an end when Jimmy strayed. Some assumed that it was because of Kimmel's budding romance with fellow comedian Sarah Silverman.

Kimmel and Silverman began dating openly in 2003, not long after Kimmel's divorce was finalized.

Current Affairs of Gina

Gina Kimmel and her boyfriend Chris Jones. (Source: Gina's Instagram)

Gina Kimmel kept a solitary life after the divorce, but she is now seeing Chris Jones. He is a Chicago native. Emily-Kate is his daughter, and Caleb is his son.

Chris also has many cats, which he routinely photographs and posts on Instagram. We can find a couple of photos on Gina's Instagram.

Current Affairs of Jimmy

Jimmy Fallon is a well-known television host, writer, comedian, and producer. His career began to rise after his performance in the 1999 picture The Man Show. Later, he launched Jimmy Kimmel Live, which went on to become ABC's longest-running late-night talk program.

Jimmy dated Sarah Silverman for seven years immediately following his divorce. In 2013, he began dating and married Molly McNeary, the co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. They are parents of two kids.

Social Media

Gina is active on Instagram under the username of @ginathetomato. Her Instagram account has less than 1,000 followers. 

She primarily uses it to share photos of her family and friends. We can notice her recent activities and guess that she is having a happy life.

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