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Get to Know Birdie Leigh Silverstein - Screen Writer Marc Silverstein & ER Actress Busy Philipps' Daughter

Published Wed Mar 04 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Birdie Leigh Silverstein - Screen Writer Marc Silverstein & ER Actress Busy Philipps' Daughter

Birdie Leigh Silverstein is the charming little princess, born to American screenwriter and filmmaker, Marc Silverstein and Busy Philipps, who is an actress and writer. 

She is the first child of the couple, born on August 13th, 2008, in the United States of America. She was scaled 9 lbs, 7 oz and measured 21 ½ inches after delivery.

Her name 'Birdie' is an English feminine name representing 'bird'. Likewise, 'Leigh' is also an English word and variation of Lee, which means "pasture or meadow". It might be weird, but her parents picked her name randomly based on what they want to call her.

Parents Net Worth 

Birdie's father Marc Silverstein has a $2 million net worth as he piles up his income from writing and film-making career. He is a co-screenwriter and director of comedy movie; I Feel Pretty (2018), alongside Abby Kohn. The film had a successful box office accumulating $94.54 million globally.

A photo of Birdie and Busy.
Busy and Birdie posing for a photo.
Image Source: Busy Philipps Instagram

Birdie's mother Busy Philipps is a sensational actress and writer, whose net worth is $12 million.  She has appeared in Karen's role in the comedy movie White Chicks (2004). The film was blockbuster of the year grossing $113.10 million against a $37 million budget. 

Similarly, she also generates a good sum from the partnerships with multi-millionaire brands. In 2016, in an interview with People, she admitted that she has earned more money from product endorsement deals than from her acting career. In addition, she also receives money from the sale of her autobiography This Will Only Hurt a Little.

Parents Relationship 

Birdie's parents Busy and Marc are working together to maintain their marital relationship. The couple got married on 16 June 2007. They have two beautiful daughters from the 13 years of wedlock. Though their fans might think the lovers still live a smooth life, things are reportedly getting complicated between them.

Busy Philipps considers divorcing her husband Marc Silverstein as he hasn't been seen putting effort to bring the family together.

As per her statement, she is dissatisfied with unequal parenting duties, where she is left alone with all responsibilities. 

A photo of Busy Philipps and her daughters.
Busy Philipps taking a photo with her daughters.
Image Source: Insta@busyphilipps

She considers herself as a single mother, and has complained that Marc Silverstein doesn't manage time for his children. 

As per the actress, she has taken all the parenting duties on her own and has faced various complications alone as Marc hasn't shown any interest in their children. 

She also has shared that Marc doesn't like his wife interacting with other peoples in parties and functions. 

As per Phillips, Even in their private time, he is less active and prefers to remains quite in every aspect.


Cricket Pearl Silverstein is the baby sister of Birdie from her parents Marc and Busy. She was born on July 2, 2013, in the US and weighed 8.5 lbs at the time of arrival. She is a more playful girl and takes her big sister as her playing partner. As a younger, she is fully getting love, care, and support from her family.

A photo of Birdie and Cricket.
Birdie and Cricket taking a photo together.
Image Source: Insta@busyphilipps

From the time of mother pregnancy, Birdie became a good girl and didn't argue for back carry and for face to face hold understanding her mama situation. Moreover, she was also excited to welcome her sister.

Cat Girl

Busy Philipps is a passionate fur baby's caregiver and owns a white pussy Guildo. Whenever she is home, she couldn't resist herself from cuddling and giving lap nap to her pet. 

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