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George Lopez's $45 Million Net Worth - Earning Good From Comedy & Clothing Store

Published Sun Dec 22 2019 By aisha
George Lopez's $45 Million Net Worth - Earning Good From Comedy & Clothing Store

George Edward Lopez who is widely known as George Lopez is an actor and comedian who has an estimated net worth of $45 million. 

Lopez has won five awards while he has been nominated for twenty-seven other awards. He is famous for his roles in 'Spare Parts', 'Mr. Troop Man' and shows like 'George Lopez: American's Mexico'.

How much is George Lopez Worth?

George Lopez has an amazing net worth of $45 million from his career as a comedian and actor. Lopez has appeared in more than sixty movies and television series.

Owns a House worth $2.7 million

House of George Lopez with an outside pool worth $2.7 million.
House of George Lopez worth $2.7 million.
Image Source: Pinterest

Lopez bought a house worth $2.7 million in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The house is of 4,100 square feet that includes 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a wine cellar, a mini garden, and other luxurious facilities. 

Rides Range Rover and Mercedez Benz

The Mr. Troop Mom actor is the owner of Range Rover which price ranges from $89,000 to $177,500 and Mercedes-Benz which can cost from $73,000 to $109,000.

Earning from stand up comedy

Apart from his acting career, Lopez has gained his wealth from being a comedian. He has accumulated $8.5 million from his stand-up comedy and other shows like 'The Comedy Get Down', 'Lopez', and 'George Lopez'.

Earning from Acting career

As most of Lopez's earning has been gained from his career as an actor where he has worked in more than sixty movies. He has appeared in movies like The Adventure of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, El Chicano, Spy Next Door, and many more. Alone from his acting career, Lopez used to earn $12 million annually.

Voice acting

George Lopez as Rafael in Rio & Rio 2.
George Lopez as Rafael in Rio & Rio 2.
Image Source: Rio Wiki - Fandom

George Lopez has done over thirteen voice acting in animated movies and short videos. He has given his voice to many frictional characters like in Rio & Rio 2 as Rafael, The Smurf & The Smurf 2 as Grouchy Smurf, Gnome Alone as Zook, and others.

Lost Half of his Worth on Divorce Settlement

A picture of George Lopez with his wife Ann Serrano.
George Lopez with his wife Ann Serrano. 
Image Source: TV Guide

Lopez married Ann Serrano, who is a screenwriter in 1993 and parted their ways after eighteen years in 2011. In those eighteen years, Lopez was diagnosed with kidney failure where Serrano donated one of her kidneys to Lopez. The divorce was finalized in 2011, where Lopez had to give half of his net worth to Serrano which he earned from 1993 to 2010.


Lopez has also been earning as an author as he has written two books one in 2001 'Why are You Crying? My Long, Hard Look at Life, Love, and Laughter' and another in 2008 'I Am Your Father's Brother'.


Lopez supports more than twenty charities and foundations. Some of the foundations he supports are Aid Still Required, Animal Rescue Foundation, Ante Up For Africa, and Alliance For Children's Rights. From his great work, Lopez was listed in the 'The 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America' by Times Magazine.

He also has its foundation named 'The Lopez Foundation' which help children and adult who are facing problems & challenges in education and health. The Foundation also raises awareness about organ donation and kidney disease.

Online Store

George Lopez has his clothing line after his name "George Lopez Store". His store sells men and women shirts, hats, jackets & hoodies, and caps. His store items cost more than 20 dollars and are mostly sold out all the time.

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