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Get to Know Georganne LaPiere - Facts That You Didn't Know About Her

Published Mon May 10 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Georganne LaPiere - Facts That You Didn't Know About Her

Georganne LaPiere is an American actress who came into the limelight through her promising acting skills from the series "General Hospital". Aside from her profession, she is also the ex-wife of popular director and actor Michael Madsen. 

On September 07, 1951, LaPiere has opened her eyes for the first time in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America.  Her parents are Georgia Holt and Gilbert Hartmaan LaPiere. She grew up with her half-siblings Cher Sarkisian. 

Let's get to know more facts about her. 

What's Her Net Worth?

Janet Mobley of "T.J Hooker" has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million through her acting career. In 1973, she has debuted from the series called "Ozzie's Girls" where LaPiere was the candidate in the show. 

She has appeared in several movies and series. Her work can be seen in "Behind the Music", "Still Cher", "Police Women", "Law of the Land", and so on. 

Married Life with Edward Bartylak

LaPiere is the wife of Edward John Bartylak which is her second marriage which took place on the 1st of September 1990. Likewise, she has kept the information under secrets about their first meet. 

The couples are still sharing a peaceful and loving status as husband and wife. However, there no information about their children.

Georganne LaPiere with her husband Edward John Bartylak.
Image Source: Pinterest 

Ex-Husband - Michael Madsen

About her first marriage, the actress was married to not another famous actor/author and director, Michael Madsen. The ex-couple had got married in 1984 but things don't go well as accepted they got separated in 1988. 

Even if they were married for four years no children were shared from the marriage. Her then-husband has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

A picture with former husband Michael Madsen.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Has Half Sibling

Georganne LePiere has one half-sibling named Cherilyn Sarkisian aka Cher, who is a popular American singer, actress, and television personality. 

She was from her mother's first husband who is a senior to her. Both sisters share a special bond since their childhood. 

Georganne LePiere with her mother and half-sibling Cherilyn Sarkisian.
Image Source: Pinterest

Mother's Multiple Marriages 

Her mother's Georgia Holt married five times whereas one of them twice. Firstly, she got married to John Sarkisian got divorced and remarried and again divorced. Her first husband was a driver and also had drug and gambling habits which was the reason for their separation. 

She later married actor John Southall from which Georganne was born and split. After that Holt married Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere, who is a bank manager. He legally adopted Cher and Georganne, also given his last name to the children.       

Low profile 

LePiere is not active on any social media. As she likes to keep her life away from the limelight. She lives a private life rather than stardom.

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