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Genevieve Gallen - Verne Troyer's Ex-Wife

Published Sun Apr 17 2022 By sijal
Genevieve Gallen - Verne Troyer's Ex-Wife

Genevieve Gallen is a famed social media personality known as a professional fashion designer and yoga instructor. She is a multi-talented woman and is very professional and active in her work field. 

She had also been a front-page model for many brands one of them is Playboy magazine.

Gallen was born on December 20, 1972, in Detroit, Michigan, the United States. She got huge attention from the media after getting married to the popular American actor and stunt performer Verne Jay Troyer.

Genevieve's Early Childhood and Educational Background

The front model of Playboy was raised by her parents in a small town in Michigan. Genevieve follows Christianity as she is a Caucasian and she is a very religious person.

Moving to her educational background she joined Mensa School of Genuises located in Michigan from where she did her high school course. For further studies and for achieving her primary goals, she attended the Center for Creative Studies College where she got graduated with a degree in arts and fashion designs.

How did Genevieve become a well-known personality?

The former secretary of Active Real Estate has been involved in an enormous career. She was sure about her professional career to be a fitness model and a yoga instructor. In reference to that, she decided to give auditions in various modeling agencies, and one of the companies of Playboy magazines.

Additionally, she also got interested in fashion design while she was working as a model. Before all this Gallen was a waitress at Cosmic cafe and a store manager at The Straw Jar and The Bean.

Genevieve Gallen holding her pet duck wearing a sunglasses and a red t-shirt
Genevieve Gallen holding ger pet duck. source:


What's the Net Worth of Genevieve?

The former wife of the character Mini-Me in the movie Austin Powers is currently living in her well-built house located in Los Angeles, California. 

Talking about her income Genevieve Gallen has a total estimated net worth of $600,000. Her main source of income is from being a yoga instructor and a fashion designer. Even though she is in her 50s she still runs Yoga classes and charges $20,000 as a fee.

Current Relationship Status 

Genevieve Gallan is a single woman as of now but she was once a married woman. She was married to Verne Troyer who was a popular actor and stunt man. 

Besides his genetic disorder and height (2 feet 8 inches), they still fell in love with each other, and shortly after they did their wedding vows on January 22, 2004.

Genevieve Gallen with her ex-husband Verne Troyer wearing a black dress and a diamond necklace
Genevieve Gallen with her ex-husband Verne Troyer. source: @Tuko

 They usually got spotted by the media at award functions and seemed a happy couple for all viewers. However, it was all false and they announced divorce just after a month of living together. 

The reason behind Genevieve's divorce 

Genevieve Gallen's divorce from Verne Troyer was shocking news for all their fans and the reason behind was more shocking. After many years Genevieve finally came to the media and disclosed what was the reason behind their divorce. 

She explained how she was a six slave for Verne, how he constantly abused her and will get drunk and bit her with vodka bottles. However, Verne denied these rumors and criticized her for using him to gain attention. 

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