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Gabrielle Moses - All You Need to Know About Her

Published Wed Feb 09 2022 By sijal
Gabrielle Moses - All You Need to Know About Her

Gabrielle Moses is a famous Public figure who is well known as a social media influencer and a Youtuber. Moses' modeling career also adds up to her being such a favored young Youtuber. She has a perfect body shape with a charming and youthful face which is endorsed by many teenagers. 

Gabrielle was born on April 6, 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA with her twin sister Madalyn Moses and another sister is Cassie Moses.

Early Life

Moses had a good childhood with her sisters and brothers playing around and messing things as a child. While they grow up they began to give importance to their career and dreams.

Gabrielle was the eldest daughter of her parents which made her think about her career more. After graduating from an honored University she started to get active on social media platforms which automatically accept her personality and beauty. 

Gabrielle Moses with her twin sister Madalyn Moses and dog Squirt
Gabrielle Moses with her twin sister Madalyn Moses and cute dog Squirt.source: Instagram@gabrielle_moses


Gabrielle began her social media career 4 years ago she uploaded a video of a makeup tutorial which got a huge amount of viewers slowly she started to post videos related to makeups, foods, workout routines, tips about girls and slowly started to gain more and more amount of followers.

When she introduced her boyfriend and post videos together her popularity of hers began there. Many people also accused her of using her boyfriend for fame but she kept on going and posting videos featuring her and her boyfriend Luke Hollingshead. 

As of now, she is collaborating with Chase Demoor who is also a famous Youtuber. 

Gabrielle Moses official YouTube account
Gabrielle Moses official YouTube account with more than 800k followers. source: YouTube@gabriellemoses


Net worth

As a famed Youtuber with almost 1 million followers and also an Instagram influencer  Gabrielle had a well earning compared to her sisters.Her recent videos regarding pranks and vlogs have got her some real views.

The total estimated net worth of Gabrielle Moses is more than $3 million dollars as of 2022 including her social media accounts.

Who is Gabrielle dating now?

 As of now Gabrielle Moses is single and enjoying her life fully. Talking about the dating history of this young Youtuber, she had been officially in a relationship with only one guy before. 

Her relationship with Luke Hollingshead who is a social media marketing specialist was a great couple in the eyes of their followers.

Gabrielle Moses with her ex-boyfriend Luke Hollingshead on her birthday party
Gabrielle Moses celebrating her birthday with her ex-boyfriend Luke Hollingshead. source: Instagram@gabrielle_moses

 They had together uploaded many videos regarding pranks and dates. In August Moses uploaded a video alongside her boyfriend captioned "An Explanation" where they announced their breakup.

They explained how connected they were with each other and to the point that they forgot their own self and needed some time as Gabrielle was suffering from some anxieties. 

Body Measurements

The partner of channel "Jack &Gab"  is 5 feet 6 inches tall and moderate weight of 55kg,121 lbs in pounds.

 She has brown hair with greenish eye color which makes her a dazzling diva. Moses had got a unique American facial feature with blonde long hair and a model personality.  

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