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From Child Star to Millionaire: Corey Feldman's Impressive Net Worth Revealed

Published Sat Sep 16 2023 By emperor
From Child Star to Millionaire: Corey Feldman's Impressive Net Worth Revealed

Corey Feldman is a well-known American actor and singer who gained prominence in the 1980s. He was mostly known for his child roles in movies such as Gremlins" (1984), "The Goonies" (1985), "Stand By Me" (1986), and "The Lost Boys" (1987). 

While his net worth is estimated at $3 million, he has had a varied and successful career in the entertainment industry.

What's Corey's Net Worth?

Corey Feldman is a multi-talented artist and activist, who has achieved remarkable success throughout his career. He has a total net worth of $3 million.

Corey Feldman's comeback king singing poster
Corey Feldman's comeback king singing poster. Source: Instagram @cdogg22

With a diverse portfolio encompassing acting, music, and advocacy, Corey has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He has graced the screen in numerous films and TV shows, while also releasing several albums. 

Corey has been a vocal advocate against child sexual abuse, shedding light on the issue within the acting industry, an experience he, unfortunately, knows firsthand. 

Car Collection

Corey Feldman has a stunning car collection, featuring some notable vehicles according to CA Knowledge. Among his collection, he owns a gorgeous Chevrolet Camaro GT and a Ford. 

Additionally, he has a Toyota and a Mitsubishi. While he used to have more cars in the past, he has recently sold a few from his collection.

Early Life 

Corey Scott Feldman was born on July 16, 1971, in Reseda, California.  Raised in a Jewish household, his father, Bob Feldman, worked as a musician, while his mother, Sheila, was a cocktail waitress.

Corey Feldman's childhood photo. Source: Pinterest

Growing up in Reseda, Corey experienced a childhood intertwined with his Jewish heritage. While Corey hasn't shared extensive details about his personal life, it is known that his relationship with his parents was strained.

Corey's early acting career brought him fame but also presented challenges. He has spoken about the exploitation he endured at the hands of his parents, who allegedly took advantage of his success and financial prospects. Corey has also claimed that his mother subjected him to abusive behavior. However, it's important to note that his mother denies these accusations, leading to differing perspectives on their relationship.

Acting Career:

Corey Scott Feldman showed an early interest in acting. He started his career at the young age of three, appearing in a McDonald's commercial. His talent and charisma led him to star in numerous television commercials and TV series, including "The Bad News Bears," "Mork & Mindy," "Eight Is Enough," "One Day at a Time," and "Cheers."

Feldman's breakthrough came with notable roles in iconic movies like "The Goonies," "Stand by Me," "The Lost Boys," "The 'Burbs," and "Gremlins." 

These films were highly successful, both critically and commercially, cementing his position as one of the most sought-after actors of the 1980s. Additionally, he lent his voice to the character Young Copper in Disney's animated film "The Fox and the Hound."

Challenges and Career Diversification:

Despite his early success, Feldman faced personal challenges and struggled with drugs after filming "The 'Burbs" in 1989. However, he made efforts to revive his career by appearing in lesser-known films and releasing a music album titled "Love Left."

Feldman continued his involvement in the film industry, starring in projects like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III," "Tales From The Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood," "Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys," "My Date with Drew," "Terror Inside," and "6 Degrees of Hell." He also collaborated with his fellow actor Corey Haim, forming the duo known as "The Two Coreys." They worked together on films like "License to Drive," "Dream a Little Dream," and "Dream a Little Dream 2."

Expanding into Music:

In addition to his acting career, Corey Feldman pursued music as a passion. He released albums both as a solo artist and with his band, Corey Feldman's Truth Movement. 

Corey Feldman singing photo. 
Corey Feldman singing photo. Source: Instagram @cdogg22

Notably, his album "Angelic 2 the Core" featured collaborations with artists like Snoop Dogg and John Carin. While he faced challenges in funding his projects through crowdfunding platforms, his love for music remained evident throughout his career.

Reality Television and Other Ventures:

Feldman has made appearances on various reality television series, showcasing different aspects of his life. Notably, he starred alongside Corey Haim in the A&E scripted reality series "The Two Coreys." 

He also appeared on shows like "The Surreal Life," "Dancing on Ice," and "Border Security: Canada's Front Line." Additionally, he participated in the fourth season of "Celebrity Wife Swap" with his then-girlfriend Courtney Ann Mitchell.

Corey and His Wie Courtney Enjoyed a Romantic Date Night in Los Angeles

Corey Feldman and his wife, Courtney Anne Mitchell, enjoyed a romantic date night in Los Angeles. The couple, who tied the knot in 2016 after a whirlwind two-week engagement, were spotted holding hands. Courtney is not only Corey's wife but also a member of his band. 

Corey Feldman and his wife, Courtney Anne Mitchell posing for a photo shoot.
Corey Feldman and his wife, Courtney Anne Mitchell posing for a photo shoot. Source: Instagram @cdogg22

Corey, known for his unique sense of style, wore an eye-catching gold sequined jacket, paired with navy blue jeans, a colorful tie-dye T-shirt, and a gold '22' necklace. He completed his look with glittery gold shoes and black sunglasses. 

Courtney looked stunning in a black minidress with sheer panel detailing, accessorized with a pastel chunky chain necklace and bejeweled pink loafers. The couple's marriage seems to be going strong as they continue to enjoy quality time together.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim Relationship: Were Best Friends

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were popular teen stars in the 1980s. They were best friends and appeared in several beloved movies together, such as "The Lost Boys," "Dream a Little Dream," and "License to Drive." Feldman also acted in movies like "Stand By Me," "The 'Burbs," "Gremlins," and "The Goonies." Haim starred in films like "Lucas," "Murphy's Romance," and "Silver Bullet." 

However, their success declined in the 1990s. They struggled with their careers and started doing low-budget films. Both actors faced personal challenges, including substance abuse. Feldman was arrested twice for heroin possession, while Haim battled addiction and had a support group to help him. 

In 2007, they starred in a reality TV show called "The Two Coreys," where they worked on their friendship and confronted their past issues. The show revealed Haim's struggles with sobriety and their experiences of sexual abuse in Hollywood. When Haim relapsed, Feldman decided to end their friendship to protect him. 

Tragically, Haim passed away in 2010 at the age of 38 from pneumonia, although he had been making progress in his addiction recovery. 

Feldman mourned his friend's death and later wrote about their experiences of sexual abuse in a memoir. He has not publicly named their abusers to spare Haim's mother from pain. Despite their challenges, the films they made together in the 1980s remain iconic in pop culture history.

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