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Singer Freida Estelle Parton - Facts About Dolly Parton's Sister

Published Tue Mar 15 2022 By sijal
Singer Freida Estelle Parton - Facts About Dolly Parton's Sister

Freida Estelle Parton is a well-known singer of the '90s famed after one of her albums was kept on highlight among music lovers.

Besides getting famed through her image she get the limelight by the media and public as the sister of popular American songwriter and businesswoman Dolly Parton.

Frieda was born on June 1, 1957, in East Tennessee, the United States as the eldest daughter of Avie Lee Owens and Robert Lee Parton.

Early Life

Frieda was born in a joint family in Tennessee which was a huge family member for getting a proper lifestyle. As the eldest child, Frieda got the most responsibilities for feeding her family and income regarding things.

 It was tough for her to get the proper education as well and therefore she dropout the college and started to get her hand in minor jobs to support her family's economic status. On The other hand, her younger sister Dolly was already making a singing career giving hits after hits.

How many siblings does Frieda have?

Freida has an overall eleven siblings, six brothers(Robert Lee Parton Jr., Larry Gerlad Parton, Coy Denver Parton, Floyd Parton, David Wilburn Parton, Randy Parton) and five sisters(Rachel Parton, Willadeene Parton, Stella Parton, Cassie Nan Parton, Dolly Parton). 

Three of her brothers Randy(December 6), Floyd, and Larry(July 6, 1955) died of natural causes.

Freida Estelle Parton's all siblings gathered in a family function together
Frieda Estelle Parton with her siblings attending a family function together. source: @Country Living Magazine

 Freida's three sisters are Stella, Cassie, Rachel, and Dolly are well-known American singers and songwriters popular for their album music. However, the middle sister Willadeene Parton is a poeter known for her written book (Smoky Mountain Memories).

Professional Life and career

Moving to the professional life of the American singer she started her career as an artist at an early age. However, her plans didn't go well but she still continues her dedication to the singing profession. Between these years her singing career was smoothly going although it was not a hit compared to her sister Dolly's albums. 

Oriental Dolls, Sing for the Common Man, Heart Tracks, Hit and Run Love, and so on. These are the most popular songs among her other music albums. Her recent realized song is If Love Don't Come To Me. As of now, she is working as an antique and wedding chapel organizer in the USA.

The net worth of Freida

As Freida is only mostly popular through the fame of her sister Dolly she had less income compared to her other siblings. But through her singing career, she was able to make enough money for living a comfortable and wealthy life.

The total estimated net worth of Freida Estelle Parton is more than $5000,000 USD dollars as of 2022. She is still making new and various old music vibes of the '90s.

Relationship Status

Dolly's eldest sister Freida Estelle Parton was once a drug addict and had a seductive personality for the media. However, she was still happily married to her husband Mark Andersen, and also had a daughter together Jada Star.

But the relationship started to get problematic and decided to separate away while co-parenting their daughter. She has married three times but all three times it was failed cause of a bad image Freida had on the sight of media.

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