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Get to Know Francis Greco – Former Husband of Lauren Holly Who is a Businessman

Published Thu Dec 17 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Francis Greco – Former Husband of Lauren Holly Who is a Businessman

Francis Greco is a well-established businessman and investment banker. Aside from his profession, he is better known as the former husband of Lauren Holly.

The Canadian investor was born in 1968 to his parents who are also in the business field. His father was a businessman and his mother a chartered accountant.

To know more about Greco, look at the below paragraphs.

Net Worth: $2 million

Francis Greco has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He has been making a considerable worth from business. Holly's ex-husband has worked as the Managing Director of Segent Advisors for two years from April 2011 to April 2013. 

Later, he was appointed in 2013 for Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas Area. Currently, he has established his own company in America. 

Former Wife: Lauren Holly

An investment banker met actress, Lauren Holly in 1999 at a gala. After seeing each other, they became friends and started dating. They got engaged right after having a romantic relationship for 11 months.  

On March 10, 2001, the couple got married in Toronto, Canada. Greco and Holly's age difference is five years, where he was younger than the actress. The two decide to leave each other and got divorce in 2014. 

A wedding picture of Francis Greco and Lauren Holly.
Image Source: Pinterest

Has Adopted Three Children

Greco and Holly have adopted three sons, Alexander Joseph, George, and Henry Grecos. His first son was adopted within two months of the wedding ceremony and two sons in 15 months.  The children have a good bonding with their parents after the divorce also. 

Alexandra Joseph Grecos has followed his mother's footsteps and played in some Hollywood movies and series. His movie 'Just Go with It', 'The Town Christmas Forgot', 'Really Me', and more. Whereas the other two sons are focused on their studies and are planning to make their debut in the industry.

A Christmas day picture of Alexander Joseph, George, and Henry Grecos with their mother.
Image Source: Liverampup

Previous Marriage of Holly

Before tying with Francis, the 'Designated Survivor' actress was married twice. Her first husband is Danny Quinn, an Italian actor, and son of Anthony Quinn. They were husband and wife from 1991 to 1993 and has not shared any children. 

Later, in 1994, Holly met one of the handsome actor, Jim Carrey in the auditions for 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'. Then, their chemistry off-screen increased when they worked together in the film, 'Dumb and Dumber'. After a year, they exchanged vows in 1996, which couldn't go so far, and split in 1997. 

Lauren Holly with her second husband Jim Carrey.
Image Source: Closer Weekly

Brother's Tragic Death

Gerco had a brother, Alexander Innes Holly who was killed in a fire on April 10, 1992. His brother was only 14 years when he died. The tragic death of Alexander made him depressed and bad childhood in past. When he adopted his first son, Francis decided to keep the baby's name on his late brother. 

Education & Qualification

The gold medalist in economics graduated with his Bachelor's degree at Yale University with a major in Economics and Political Science in 1992. Later enrolled at York University, where he earned an MBA degree in Accounting and Finance. 

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