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Get to Know Finn Notaro - Tig Notaro's Son and One of The Twins

Published Tue Jun 15 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Finn Notaro - Tig Notaro's Son and One of The Twins

Finn Notaro came into the limelight as a family member of a celebrity. He is the son of well-known television personality, Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne. 

On 26th June 2016, he was born to his parents in the United States of America. Nataro has his twin brother, they were conceived using Allynne's eggs via a surrogate. He became the camera sensation since his birth as a celebrity baby. 

Have a look to know more about him.

Parents' Wealth 

Finn Notaro comes from a reputed family. His mother, Tig Notaro has an impressive amount of $2 million. She has been accumulating through her successful career as a stand-up comic, writer, radio personality, and actress. In 2004, Mrs. Notaro began her career in the industry from the series "Movies at Our House". 

After that, she never looked back and appeared in numerous series and movies. Her acting can be seen on "The Office", "One Mississippi", "New Girl", "Dog Days", "Punching Henry", "Instant Family", and so on. The actress has released some albums for which she was nominated for the Grammy Award. 

Tig Notaro's show "One Mississippi". 
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On the other hand, Stephanie Allynne is an actress, comedian, and writer whose net worth is $900 thousand. She has worked in series and movies such as "Happy Endings", "Maron", "The Mindy Project", "2 Broke Girls", and many more. Moreover, was a part of the national tour of the sketch comedy group "The Midnight Show". 

Parents' Relationship 

Finn Notaro's parents Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne met on the set of the movie "In a World...". Being in the same project, they became friends which later turned into love. On 1st January 2015, Notaro proposed to Allynne by bending her one knee on the ground. 

The couple walked into the aisle on 24th October 2015. Since then, they have been living a happy married life and welcomed two children. The pair usually shares pictures on Instagram along with love captions. 

Finn Notaro's parents Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne.
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Has One Brother

Finn Notaro is blessed with his brother, Max Notaro. They two are identical twins of each other. Their parents share their good news through their Instagram account.  The two brothers are growing up together and making their childhood wonderful. They are often seen on their parents' social media. 

Finn Notaro with his parents and brother Max Notaro. 
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Tig Nataro's Sexual Orientation

Finn Notaro's mother, Mrs. Notaro is a lesbian who is transgender from a girl to a boy. She was born as the daughter with the name Mathilde O'Callaghan Notaro but later turned into a boy as well as the changed name "Tig". The comedian has always been an inspiration to the LGBTQ people. She is always open about her gender.  

Mother's Health Issue

As we know that the comedian, Tig Notaro was diagnosed with breast cancer on 30th July 2012. She had a double mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery, also done chemo but decided to continue treatment with hormone-blocking.

In 2014, she was hospitalized and done surgery for a cyst. The actress decided to follow a vegan diet for eliminating the chronic pain that she experienced in the years following her cancer diagnosis. Currently, she is living a happy healthy life with her family. 

Meaning of His Name 

The first name "Finn" is derived from the Irish Fionn, meaning "White" or "Fair". Similarly, her surname "Notaro" came from Latin notarius, an agent derivation of nota 'mark', 'sign'. 

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