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Meet Felix Luther Taylor - Roger Taylor’s Son With Ex Wife Dominique Beynard

Published Tue Oct 01 2019 By DGM
Meet Felix Luther Taylor -  Roger Taylor’s Son With Ex Wife Dominique Beynard

Felix Luther Taylor is the first child and son of Roger Taylor, the drummer of the famous American rock band 'Queen', with his ex-wife Dominique Beynard. He was born on the 22nd of May, 1980 in the city of London in Canada.

The name 'Felix' is a boy's name according to Latin literature and refers to happy or lucky. As for the name 'Luther', it comes from the German origin and means 'army people'. Here some facts about her:

Parents Net Worth

Felix comes from a very eminent parents as both of them are from very respectable and high income generating professions. His father Roger is the drummer, songwriter, and singer (optional) for the famous American rock band 'Queen'.He has a crazy net worth of $200 million from his musical career. 

Talking about the mother of Luther, Dominique is a house-woman who has a fortune of 1 million from which the majority comes from the mansion which she got the divorce settlement with her ex-husband. 

Parents' Relationship

Felix Luther Taylor's parents Roger Taylor and Dominique Beynard are no longer as they split a long time ago. They started dating in 1976 and after eleven years of it, they tied the knot in 14th December 1988. They already shared two children while they were still dating and weren't married.  

A picture of Felix with his parents and sister.
Felix Luther Taylor with his parents and girlfriend.
Image Source: Who's Dated Who

As time passed, their relation started to weaken down already before they walked down the aisle. However, to gave their kids Roger's name and make them legal as well, they married. But after few days of marrying, they started staying separately. 

Beynard started living in the mansion given by her ex-hubby with her kids while Roger was staying alone. They finally divorced in 13th of November, 2004 and parted their ways. However, they are still very good friends with one another and come together as responsible parents for their son and daughter.

Sibling - Rory Eleanor Taylor

The 39 years old actor has a younger sister Rory Eleanor Taylor from his parents. Rory is a doctor by profession but has also done modeling along her sisters.


Felix Luther Taylor is also the elder brother of three half-siblings from his father and his second wife, Debbie Leng. They are brother Rufus Tiger Taylor and sisters Tiger Lilly Taylor and Lela Daisy May Taylor. Rufus is a professional drummer just like him and his dad and sisters are fashion models.

A picture of Felix Tiger Taylor's half-siblings with his dad and step-mom.
Felix Tiger Taylor's half-siblings with his dad and step-mom.
Image Source: Queen People Index

Worked Alongside Step-Mom Sarina

It is actually quite interesting that the actor got the chance to work alongside his step-mamma in the 2015 movie 'The Solitary'. The movie in which he played, also stared Sarina Taylor, his father's current wife. It was quite nice to see the mother-son duo share the screen together.

Education - Alma MAter

Felix Luther Taylor completed his school level education from Bedales School along with college level being cleared fro, Chelsea Colleg of At. Talking about graduation, he graduated in Arts from the University of Sussex, Brighton. 

Instagram Account

The handsome musician is on Instagram by the name @felixlutherbeyrandtaylor and has 13 followers.He has also set his account to private which shows how much he is obsessed about his personal life. Some of his pictures are with his girlfriend Catherine Hunt.

A picture of Felix Luther Taylor with his girlfriend.
Felix Luther Taylor with his girlfriend.
Image Source: Famous Fix

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