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FaZe Banks and Faze Clan Net Worth - You Will Be Surprised How Rich They Are

Published Mon Oct 18 2021 By Kri
FaZe Banks and Faze Clan Net Worth - You Will Be Surprised How Rich They Are

Richard Bengtson popularly known as FaZe Banks is an American Youtuber, pro-gamer and founder of esports organization FaZe Clan with an impressive net worth of $13 million

Most of the earnings of FaZe are made as a youtube having more than 5 million subscribers in his channel. He is a gamer looked upon by many other players.

Income From Youtube

FaZe Banks with more than 5 million subscribers and having more than 400 million views on his channel has been successfully making money through youtube. 

His daily income from youtube amounts to $2,400 and annually he earns around $66,000. For every thousand views, he earns around $2 dollars.

Faze Banks with Rice Gum posing in a red Lamborghini
Source: Instagram/@banks

For every gamer, a youtube channel is required as they need a platform to stream their gameplay. There are many viewers watching the live streaming of games. That becomes a money-generating as well as a fame-gaining platform for gamers.

Faze Banks also earns his money through the ads as ads rates are higher. The YouTubers also earn their keeps through people paying for premium Youtube account with no ads. They earn money when the viewers watch the videos for a longer duration. 

FaZe Clan

The net worth of Faze clan is valued at around $305 million. Faze Clan has been successful and earning very well since its establishment. Faze Clan is one of the top e-sports companies in the world with many popular gamers. Banks is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of the clan. 

FaZe Clan holding the trophy for their win in the Tournament

The clan participates in many gaming tournaments and has also won most of the tournaments. In 2020, through the tournament, the Faze clan earned $9 million. They play both online and offline tournaments. 

The clan is also sponsored by large companies like G-Fuel, Nissan, Verizon and Steel Series. They are also associated with celebrities like Post Malone, Offset, Lil Yatchy and Juju Smith Schuster. 

FaZe House

The New FaZe house in Clybourn Avenue
Source: Business Insider

FaZe Banks lives together with his four other gaming buddies from the Faze clan; Nordan Shat, Alexander Prynkiewicz, Fraizer Kay and Jarvis Kay. 

The house is valued at $30,000,000. The old faze house was in Hollywood Hills and the current Faze house is moved to Clybourn Avenue, Toluca Lake. 

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