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Meet Faizon Love - American Actor and Comedian From "Ripped"

Published Wed Dec 04 2019 By Akki
Meet Faizon Love - American Actor and Comedian From "Ripped"

The American actor and comedian, Langston Faizon Santisima aka Faizon Love is widely known for his appearance in Torque (2004) as Sonny. He was born on June 14, 1968, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. His sun sign is 'Gemini' according to his birth date.

Here are 10 facts about Actor Love's life;

What's his Net Worth?  

Faizon Love has an enormous net worth of $8 million and living lavish life out of it. He is an actor and comedian, who has done more than 75 movies and TV shows till date. He portrayed the role of Gimbel's Manager in Elf (2003), which accumulate a huge box office of $220.88 million worldwide.

In addition, Love's income from performance in stand up comedy shows also contributes to his wealth. 

A picture of Faizon Love.
Faizon Love posing for a picture.
Image Source: Faizon Love Facebook

Owns Rolls Royce Phantom Car  

The multi-millionaire, Faizon has been spending massive amount fortune for his car collection. He is a car enthusiast and prefers to drive expensive cars manufactured by luxury automobile. He owns white-colored Rolls Royce phantom, which starts at the price of $450,000 as stated in

Good Friend - Comedian Dante

The American comedian, Dante is a good friend of Love. Sharing the same profession and similar interest the two got close. Following the day, their fans and well-wisher can see them together one day on the big screen.

Education - Alma Mater

Talking about Faizon qualification's, he studied at Samuel F. B. Morse High School. Before that, he attended Mark Twain Middle School of Alexandria, Virginia till 1986.

Body Specification 

The 51 years old, Langston Faizon is a handsome with Endomorph body type. He stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) tall. He has a chubby face with a stunning black beard and beautiful brown eyes.

A picture of Faizon Love and his car.
Faizon Love taking a picture with his car.
Image Source: FB@FL

Attempted Weight Lose 

Massive weight is big trouble, which brings difficulty in daily activities and also causes health problems. Faizon's body size according to his height was bigger than a man should have. In order to maintain a healthy life, he began to work out to lose weight. However, his hunger for food didn't let him get in proper shape.

Chain Smoker 

Following his glamour and fame, Faizon is passionate about the gangster life. His physical structure and activities like being a chain smoker, he looks like one of them. Stalking on his social media, in most of his pictures and videos, we can see him a smoking cigar.

Multiple Tattoos 

The Friday actor, Faizon Love has done the number of tattoos on his body and holds specific meaning each. He has a phenomenal double-headed eagle inked on left side of his chest. The tattoo is a very old fashioned design and associated with the Roman Empire.

Faizon Love posing for a picture.
Faizon Love taking a picture.
Image Source: Insta@faizonlove

Legal Issues 

In March 2017, Langston Faizon Santisima was arrested at John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio. At the time, he was in charge of misdemeanor assault for a violent altercation with a valet. Following the incident, the video was shoot, where he grabbing the valet behind the neck and throwing him on the ground.

Controversy and Scandal

The Comic Justice writer, Faizon Love is an open-minded outspoken person. His such nature and habit had hooked him in a number of the controversial topics. In 2014, he took his social media to show support towards Bill Cosby, who was accused of rape and sexual misconduct. 

In August 2018, Love's former assistant Tashiana Luke sued him for sexual harassment.

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