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Exploring the Love Life of Bill Murray: Get To Know About His Wife

Published Tue Mar 05 2024 By Joshep
Exploring the Love Life of Bill Murray: Get To Know About His Wife

Bill Murray, a known actor, comedian, and writer is famous, for his unique deadpan humor that shines through in his work on "Saturday Night Live" and his wide range of movies. His successful career includes starring roles in films like "Ghostbusters " "Rushmore," "Hyde Park on Hudson " "St. Vincent " and "Lost in Translation." 

Particularly noteworthy is his performance in "Lost in Translation " which earned him recognition with a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award for Best Actor along with an Academy Award nomination in the category. Apart, from his achievements Bill's personal life is filled with intriguing connections. Stay tuned to discover more about Bill's journey.  

Murray's Current Relationship Status

Bill Murray, the actor is currently not known to be, in a relationship. After his two marriages, with Margaret "Mickey" Kelly and later with Jennifer Butler Murray, both of which ended in divorce Murray has chosen not to remarry. 

Residing in Charleston, South Carolina at present Murray leads a life. Since his romance with Kelis, there have been no reports or public announcements about any relationships involving Bill Murray. 

Preferring a key lifestyle the actor seems focused on his career and personal interests rather, than being caught up in the limelight of a high-profile relationship.

Bill Was Previously Linked With Kelis

Bill Murray and Kelis were rumored to have dated for two months before going their separate ways. Their busy schedules were cited as the reason, for their breakup making it difficult to sustain their relationship. 

Bill Murray and Kelis
Bill Murray and Kelis were rumored to have dated for two months.
Source: People

Although they had affection for each other the couple mutually agreed to end things on terms. Kelis clarified the situation on Instagram denying any dating speculations and confirming that both of them were single. Their relationship had been kept key until news of their split came out. 

Reports indicated that they both experienced losses, which created a bond between them despite their age difference. Ultimately Kelis was the one to initiate the breakup bringing an end, to their summer romance with a shared understanding of their priorities and life circumstances. 

Bill's Alleged Romance, With Jenny Lewis

Back in 2015, around about a link between Bill Murray and Jenny Lewis that caught the attention of fans and the media. The rumored relationship sparked a lot of curiosity leading to discussions about the nature of their bond. 

However subsequent reports confirmed that these rumors were baseless making it clear that Bill Murray and Jenny Lewis were not, in a relationship. Despite the excitement and fleeting speculation their supposed love story didn't progress beyond the gossip highlighting that the alleged romance was not based on reality.

Bill's Multiple Marriage Failure History

Marriage With Margaret

Bill Murray was married, to Margaret Kelly for 15 years from 1981 to 1996. Margaret, who mainly focused on being a homemaker during their marriage decided to lead a life from the public eye after their divorce. 

Bill Murray and Margaret Kelly
Bill Murray was previously married to Margaret Kelly.
Source: Opoyoi

Although the specific reasons behind their split are not widely known their relationship came to an end after high-profile,whispers were going some time. Bill Murray, who is a father of six sons from his two marriages encountered difficulties in maintaining marriages. 

Both of his marriages eventually ended in divorce with his second marriage, to Jennifer Butler Murray concluding in 2008. Since then Bill Murray has chosen not to pursue another marriage opting instead to concentrate on professional endeavors outside of marriage. 

Marriage with Jennifer

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler Murray's relationship had its ups and downs. They first met when Jennifer was working on the movie "Scrooged" in 1988. After Bill's divorce from his wife, Margaret Kelly they got married in 1997. 

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler Murray
Bill Murray with Jennifer Butler Murray in an event.
Source: Huff Post

During their ten-year marriage, Bill gained recognition, for his roles in films like "Lost in Translation " which earned him an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe Award. Together they raised four children; Caleb, Jackson, Cooper, and Lincoln. Unfortunately, their relationship encountered challenges that led to Jennifer filing for divorce in 2008 due to issues including substance abuse, physical harm, infidelity, and abandonment. 

Despite no action taken against Bill Jennifer was granted custody of their children while Bill was instructed to provide $7 million in child support. Following the divorce, Jennifer continued to care for their family at their home in Sullivans Island, South Carolina. Since then Bill Murray has remained single. 

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