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Ewan McGregor Net Worth

Published Wed Mar 23 2022 By sijal
Ewan McGregor Net Worth

Ewan Gordon McGregor professionally known as Ewan McGregor is a famed TV personality known as a Scottish actor. His facial features, screen presentation, and talent of portraiting any fictional character given is the reason behind his fame.

Ewan was born on 31 March 1971 in Perth Royal Infirmary, Perth, the United Kingdom as the son of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Evans's total estimated net worth in 2022 is more than $26 million dollars.

What's the Salary Ewan?

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead actor winner had been earning good money since he debuted. Doctor Sleep, Christopher Robin, Pinocchio, Stormbreaker, and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey are McGregor's movies which are the blockbusters on the box office and eventually benefited him.

For doing a single movie the Stormbreaker actor charged up to $700,000 which is his monthly salary. Similarly, from the sponsors, collaborating with brands, and interviews with different reality shows he earns $1500,000 USD dollars per week. 

In addition, in a day Ewan McGregor earns $20,000 from his acting career sources.

Net Worth

The receiver of the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance is living a quiet luxurious life alongside his family members. With the realization of his new movie, Obi-Wan Kenobi on May 25 on Disney plus have a hope of getting a blockbuster on box office.

The total estimated net worth of Ewan McGregor is up to $26 million dollars as of 2022. His main source of income is y getting featured in movies whether it's a side role or min character including collaborations with online brands.

Ewan McGregor's expensive house located in Los Angeles, California next to Marilyn Monroe
Ewan McGregor's house located in Los Angeles. source: @Virtual Globetrotting 

Where is the house of Ewan located?

Talking about the house of the Christopher Robin movie actor Ewan McGregor he had been living with his ex-wife in a lavish mansion that costs more than $4 million dollars as of 2022 located in Brentwood, California.

 The house is perfectly built with architectural features and furniture and the best part is the mansion is located next to the veteran Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe's former house.

However, he is currently living in a beautiful mansion built in 1930 located in Los Angeles which costs $2 million dollars.

How many vehicles does Ewan own?

Mr. McGregor comes to the top list when it comes to the collection of the vehicle. He is a millionaire and probably has a fantasy of collecting the different branded and vintage type car collections.

He owned a Volkswagen Beetle which costs $26,000 USD dollars, BMW RI200GS(price; $20,000),a Harley-Davidson(price;$44,000), a Ducati Supersport(price;$16,500), and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud(price;$540,174). 

Ewan usually uses Volkswagen Beetle cause it is a modified version with an electric powertrain. 

Divorce Settlement

As the European Film Award for Best Actor winner divorced his wife Eve Mavrakis after living 24 years together as a husband and wife, Ewans had to pay enough to settle the divorce arguments according to the papers. 

The total divorce settlement costs him $25 million dollars including $1.5 million dollars as a pension for his ex-wife and children(Clara, Jamyan, Esther, Anouk, and Laurie).  In addition, his lavish and expensive mansion in Brentwood, California, and his five branded cars were also named to Eve. 

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