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Evelyn Lozada's Impressive Net Worth - Earnings of TV Star and Author

Published Sun Jul 25 2021 By Aashika
Evelyn Lozada's Impressive Net Worth - Earnings of TV Star and Author

Evelyn Lozada has a huge amount of net worth which is $4 million. She is a television personality, model, and spokesperson which is her source of income. She also increased some amount of the income as a book's author. 

Lozada grabbed the attention of the audience when she appeared in the series "Basketball Wives". People are curious how she became a millionaire star. To know that read the below paragraphs. 

Earning Through Television Shows

Evelyn Lozada has been earning $490,000, almost half a million dollars per annum from appearing in television series. She began her career at "The Mo'Nique Show" in 2011. 

Later, starred in "Iyanla, Fix My Life", "The Insider", "Today", "Home & Family", "Entertainment Tonight", "The Boris & Nicole Show", "Hip Hop Squares", and so on. The actress is also an executive producer of the series "Livin' Lozada" from 2015 to 2016.  

Evelyn Lozada in the television series "Basketball Wives" in 2021. 
Image Source: Variety

Author of Books 

"Basketball Wives" actress is an author of six books. Her first book is the novel "Inner Circle: The Wives Association" along with her co-writer Courtney Parker. The novel is based on a young woman who marries a football star and then forms a group of other sports wives- The Wives Association. Its price in Kindle is $11.99, Hardcover $14.71, and MP3 CD $17.27.  

Likewise, the name of other books is "Inner Core", "The Perfect Date", "The Wrong Mr. Darcy", "Full Circle", and "The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide for Beginners with More The 150 Delectable...". Through which she has been receiving a good amount of income. 

Evelyn Lozada's novel "Inner Circle: The Wives Association" cover page.
Image Source: Amazon 


Evelyn Lozada is the co-owner of "Dulce", a shoe boutique. She has been running a business since 2007 which increased her net worth by millions. It is located in Coral Gobles, Florida, and has its branch in many places of the United States. 

Social Works

The television star is actively engaged in social works. She is a supporter of "PETA's", in December 2012 posed for the "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur" campaign. In September 2017, Lozada established "Turn Hurt Into Joy" which is an online campaign. It raised money for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.  

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