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Late Go Eun Bi (고은비) aka EunB Profile - All You Need to Know About Her

Published Wed Jul 28 2021 By Kri
Late Go Eun Bi (고은비) aka EunB Profile - All You Need to Know About Her

Go Eun Bi (고은비) known by her stage name EunB was a South Korean singer born on November 23rd, 1992. She was a Lead rapper and vocalist in a pop girl group known as "Ladies Code" who tragically passed away in a car accident.

The singer was very inventive and was always ready to explore new things in music.

Tragic Accident That Took The Life Of the Aspiring Singer EunB

EunB passed away in a car accident not too soon after her career as a "Ladies Group" member. The accident occurred when she was on the way to Seoul after finishing an event with her Ladies Code members: Rise, Zuny, Sojung, and Ashley. 

The van she was in was being driven by her manager. During the time there was heavy rain and the roads were slippery, however, the manager was driving very speedily. 

This made the manager lose control of the van which made it somersault several times before colliding into the wall on the side of the road. 

EunB and the member Rise were declared dead on the way to the hospital, as the other members survived the accident with some injuries.

During that period hashtags like #RIPEunB were trending worldwide showing respect to the deceased singer.

EunB's candid shot

To remember the tragically passed singer EunB below are some information about her journey.


The singer's information about her parents remains undisclosed. However, she had a brother-in-law, who is an SBS 8 News Anchor Kim Sung Joon.


Pre-School- Nuri Pre-School

Elementary School- Dongdong Elementary School

Middle School- Munjeong Middle School

High School- Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School

Early Life- Before Fame

EunB with her Ladies Code members: Ashley Ride, Sojung and Zuny

EunB was a trainee in FNC Entertainment. She was a trainee alongside the members of AOA.  She was supposed to debut with the members of AOA but she felt she was not ready enough to debut with the AOA members. She then left FNC Entertainment and joined another agency called Polaris Entertainment, where the Ladies Code was formed.


The pop singer debuted as a member of the Ladies Code on March 7th, 2013 with a music video "Bad Girl". 

EunB portfolio and promo photo

In 2014, EunB and her members came back with the song "So Wonderful" and dropped another hot song "Kiss Kiss".


There is no record of the singer dating life in the past.

Net Worth

EunB had an estimated net worth of $1 million before her death according to Forbes and Business Insider.

Some Fun Facts and TMI About Late EunB

  • She has a younger sister named EunByeol around the age of Zuny
  • She appeared on SBS Network's 1000 song challenge on episodes 255, 263, and 264.
  • She was nicknamed EunVitamin for her bubbly personality.
  • She had an interest and knowledge in different fields.
  • She had a warm social media presence.
  • She loved pets very much.
  • Her favorite color was white.
  • She had recorded a duet song with Hyun- Min titled "Remember You" but was not able to release it due to the tragedy.
  • She shared a dorm room with Rise and Ashley.
  • Rise was the closest member to EunB, tragically both passed away together.

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