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YouTuber Eugenia Cooney

Published Mon May 16 2022 By chanel
YouTuber Eugenia Cooney

Eugenia Cooney is a YouTuber, social media influencer, and Twitch streamer who is most known for her unusual underweight appearance, which has been linked to her eating condition anorexia nervosa. Her birth name is Eugenia Sullivan Cooney but she is better known by her stage name Eugenia Cooney.

Eugenia shifted her attention over time to releasing videos about make-up tips and fashion in general, which helped her gain enormous popularity by pushing the famous EMO aesthetic while also making hilarious and fascinating movies.

Early Life

Eugenia Sullivan Cooney was born on July 27, 1994, in Connecticut, although she grew up in Massachusetts with her parents and a younger brother named Chip.

In Frame: Eugenia Cooney (Source: Eugenia's Instagram)

Eugenia finished primary school in Massachusetts before moving to New York City to pursue her performing career. Fans frequently blame her mother for ignoring her daughter's health difficulties.


Cooney launched a YouTube channel named Eugenia Cooney in January 2011 and began uploading fashion films that included clothing, makeup trends, routines, and so on. Her YouTube channel has over 2.13 million followers and over 265 million views in total.

Eugenia has had ups and downs in her career due to a combination of supporting and unfavorable remarks, but she has persevered and is still active in sharing her ideas and opinions on numerous issues. 

Eugenia Cooney in a fancy dress. (Source: Eugenia's Instagram)

The media sensation also explored a modeling career in New York before breaking into the spotlight and gaining media attention by starring in the Canadian television series Degrassi. Furthermore, she was awarded the New York City national prize for her dazzling and substantial performance.

Net Worth

Earned through her career as a successful YouTuber her total net worth is estimated to be around  $200,000. 

Her YouTube and social media careers provide the majority of her income since she has a large fan base on her social media platforms.


Viewers were concerned about Cooney's health in the second half of 2015, assuming she had an eating condition, most likely anorexia nervosa. Because of her lack of weight, her films were more disgusting than tasty.

Cooney, according to the petitioners, was suffering from an eating disorder and required assistance. People asked her to ban her from youtube because of her skinny appearance. They also stated that her exceedingly thin looks may inspire her followers to drop a significant amount of weight in order to seem more like her.

The majority of comments on her videos were getting increasingly hostile, but she never addressed her health concerns, instead insisting that she does not have an eating disorder and that she is naturally small. However, later removed viewer petitions for violating community guidelines.

Social Media

Cooney runs a popular youtube channel named Eugenia Cooney, which has more than 2,13 million subscribers.

Eugenia Cooney (Source: Eugenia's Instagram)

She is active on Instagram with more than 700k followers under the username of @eugeniacooney. Twitter with more than 300.4k followers and Facebook with 64k. Her Twitter bio reads “I make videos on YouTube and stream on twitch! and I love dogs”.

A Break And Return To Social Media

In February 2019 she announced her break with social media to focus on her health issues and came back only on July 19, 2019. 

Eugenia was nowhere to be seen online for the following five months until her death was announced. It was proved a hoax later on.

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