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Etienne Fougeron - Late French Artist Mostly Popular for His Landscape Portrait

Published Mon Mar 15 2021 By riya
Etienne Fougeron - Late French Artist Mostly Popular for His Landscape Portrait

Late Etienne Fougeron was a French artist. He was a very dedicated artist of the sixteenth century. The time was blessed with the birth of such a staggering artist.

Etienne was born on 29 Aug, 1679. He was a late seventies kid of the sixteenth century. His birthplace is Petitmagny, located in  Territoire de Belfort, France.

Popular works:

The great artist was one of the brilliant artists of his times. He was famous for landscape paintings. 

Late Etienne Fouregon's landscape painting.

Image Source: ESTY

Father of six children, Fouregon, painted pictures of family roaming in nature during the rainy season, landscapes that present nature, and people riding on horses and enjoying themselves. 

Etienne's works are still being sold for thousands of dollars by hundreds of people. His landscapes pictures are sold at a minimal price of $1000. Other paintings get ratings over $5000.  

Cheval Culture painting by Etienne Fouregon

Image Source: Cheval culture

Some of his works showed his love for nature. Also, people can assume that he was a happy man and always motivated people by showing a positive part of life through his paintings. He was a very imaginary man. 

Who were his parents? 

Etienne Fougeron was born as a son of Etienne Fougeron and mother Simone Orielle Fougeron.The artist, Fougeron, was believed as a miner or farmer in his village.

His parents did his naming ceremony at Saint Valbert’s Church in Etueffont. According to available documents, it is shown that he had faith in his godparents named Haut’s Etienne Marechal and Eve Dedier. 

Was he the only kid to his parents?

Etienne was not a single child. He was loved and supported by his siblings. He had 4 brothers and a sister. 

Etienne Fougeron painting
Etienne Fougeron painting

Image Source: Art-Net

His brothers were Marguerite Fougeron Perrey, Pierre Fougeron, Jean Claude Fougeron and Claude Fougeron. The name of his only sister was  Anne Eve Fougeron.

Did he die single?

Late Etienne was a married and responsible man. He was married to Nicole Pelletier Fougeron on the 12th of  October in the early seventieth century 1706.

Some people witnessed their marriage, including the schoolmaster, Philibert Sautier, and Petitmagney’s uncle, Pierre Fougeron.

Their marriage venue was located at Etueffont in Territoire de Belfort, France. 

Did he have kids?

A total of six children blessed Etienne and Nicole. They were parents to 4 daughters and 2 sons.

Etienne Fougeron celebrating Cheval culture
Etienne Fougeron celebrating Cheval culture

Image Source: Cheval Culture 

They named their daughters as Jeanne Françoise Fougeron, Jeanne Marie Fougeron, Anne Rose Fougeron, and Marguerite Fougeron. People used to get nonplussed by their beauty.

The two sons were named as Jean François Fougeron and Jacques Fougeron. They weren't any less handsome.

What was his net worth?

Since he was a farmer and artist, he must be an average earner though his income and net worth aren't still public. 

When and where did he die?

The astonishing artist died in the same place where he was born. He died at the age of 72 on the 29th April 1751 in Petitmagny, France.