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Esther Kim – Matthew Daddario’s Wife Since 2017 | Photos and Facts

Published Thu Oct 17 2019 By DGM
Esther Kim – Matthew Daddario’s Wife Since 2017 | Photos and Facts

Esther Kim is an amateur photographer, model and a blogger who is famously known as the famous heartthrob Matthew Daddario's wife. 

Esther was born on 2nd November 1999 in Russia. She has been with Matthew Daddario since 2013, gracing many red carpet events alongside her husband.

Here are some facts on the famous wife of Matthew Daddario.

What's her Net Worth?

Esther Kim has the net worth of $2 million which she accumulated through her multiple successful career. She is a full time blogger who is always travelling and giving her viewers the nest content, a gorgeous model and an amazing photographer too. 

Husband - Matthew Daddario

Esther and Matthew met way back and had started dating from the year 2013. The two were still very young back then but were equally committed to each other. Their relationship blossomed with time and the two started posting each other on their respective Instagram feeds.

Esther Kim and Mathew Daddario has been madly and deeply in love ever since and the two are not stopping any time soon until their last breath. They travel together amd do so many more things that will always connect them in the hearts and make their lives a little more adventurous every new day.

Secretly Wedded Her Hubby

Even though Esther and Matthew's relationship was public to the world, the two secretly tied the knot. They were quiet for a whole year before only coming out to the world on their first anniversary. The two got married on the New Year's Eve of 2017. 

A picture of Esther Kim and Matthew Daddario at their wedding.
Esther Kim and Matthew Daddario at their wedding.
Image Source: Pinterest

Needless to say, everyone was shocked and confused and a little disappointed for not noticing his wedding ring he was supposedly seen wearing. 

Loves to Travel

Esther Kim has merged her career with her life interest and what can be nicer than that? Kim loves to travel and is a travel blogger so when she is doing something she loves, she is also getting her job done and is getting her paychecks. 

A picture of Esther Kim traveling.
Esther Kim loves to travel.
Image Source: Instagram@eskimoves

Esther travels with her friends and her husband very often to many exotic places. She is seen having the time of her life vacationing and doing many fun activities in many different places in the world. 

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