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Facts About Eryn Marciano - Rob Marciano's Wife and Mother of Two Kids

Published Fri Jul 03 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Eryn Marciano -  Rob Marciano's Wife and Mother of Two Kids

Eryn Marciano grabbed the attention of media and people when she married Rob Marciano, an American journalist and meteorologist. She is the mother of two children and living a blissful life.

She was born in the United States and holds American citizenship. She belongs to white ethnicity. Here are some facts you don’t know about Eryn Marciano.

What's her Husband's Net Worth?

Eryn Marciano's husband Rob Marciano's net worth is approximately $2 million. He manages to amass through his professional journalist and meteorologist career.Currently, he is working for ABC News as a senior meteorologist and weather correspondent for the weekend edition of 'Good Morning America'.

According to PayScale, the average salary of a journalist working in ABC News as a meteorologist is $7,700 per year.

Married Life

According to Rob Marciano, the relationship with Eryn is just like the vine of fine wine which gets better with age. The couple shared wedding vows on 27th November 2010 at a private ceremony in the presence of their family, relatives, and friends. 

Before marriage, they were dating and had a romantic period that led them to get wed. The duo is the parents of two children and enjoying their life.

A picture of Eryn Marciano and husband Rob Marciano.
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Two children

Eryn is the proud mother of two children; a daughter and a son. In January of 2011, she gave birth to her daughter Madelynn Marciano. Like every girl, she is also a daddy's girl. She is 9 years old now.

After 7 years, she welcomed a son in this world and named Mason Anthony Marciano. Mason was born on 12th June 2018. Rob has shared a beautiful picture of their children on social media sites. 

Rob shares his daughter Madelynn holding little brother Mason on Instagram.
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Career of Her Husband

As mentioned before, Rob Marciano works as the senior meteorologist and weather correspondent for the weekend editions of 'Good Morning'. He is known for his work as one of the distinctive TV reporters in Americans. 

In 1994, he joined the network KPLC-TV as an anchor in the morning show in Lake Charles. Later, he worked for ABC affiliated where he served as a weather anchor in Connecticut West Hartford and now became the senior meteorologist.

Animal Lover 

She is very attracted to animals especially dogs. She and her spouse has opened a social page where they help to find a home for dogs of streets. Marciano has a dog that has two different colored eyes one brown and one blue. Her family and she love to spend their time with their dog even Rob attended some events with dogs.

Her pet dog.
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Vacation with Family

Being the wife of a busy celebrity, Marciano looks after her family. She plans a vacation for children and husbands where they can spend free family time and enjoy a lot. Mostly, they spotted on the beachside and relaxing there. Once on Christmas of 2014, Eryn with her husband and daughter, they went Disney Park Frozen to celebrate it.

Eryn with husband and two children enjoying a holiday on the beachside.
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