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Who is Erica Schmidt? Facts About Legendary Peter Dinklage's Wife

Published Fri Mar 18 2022 By sijal
Who is Erica Schmidt? Facts About Legendary Peter Dinklage's Wife

Erica Schmidt is a famed media personality known as a great writer, screenwriter, and director. Besides being a famed writer she is most famous as the wife of a popular American actor and producer Peter Hayden Dinklage.

Erica was born on June 8, 1975, in one of the cities of the United States. She is 45 years old mother with flawless beauty and a creative brain. She was the director and producer of the movie Cyrano in which her husband peter was an actor. 

Early Life and Education

Mrs.Dinklage is a very private person when it comes to her friends or parents. In such a way, there is very little information about her family background however, she was raised alongside her siblings with her parents and grandparents.

She was a lovely and fancy girl who loves fairy tales, fairy dresses, and stories. After completing her formal education level she joined Vassar College from where she graduated in the designing and architecture. 

Professional Life of Erica

The assistant director of the movie Cyrano previously started her career as a costume designer and had her creative hands-on many clothing projects and brands. However, she was more interested in movies and movie-making. With that fantasy, she steps into the Hollywood movie industry and struggles hard to get to a position. 

Even though it was hard for her, she managed to give her all and she did prove to herself what she was capable of. Schmidt's recent direction is an American series All the Fine Boys. She is a great mother, wife, and hardworking lady.

Erica Schmidt's direction film Cyrano, in which her husband Peter is an actor
Erica Schmidt's direction film behind the scenes. source: @The New York Times

What's the total net worth of Erica?

The wife of Satellite Special Achievement Award receivers most of the movies has grossed millions at the box office which is a huge success and benefited her. She earns enough to carry her and her children's all expenses. 

The total estimated net worth of Erica Schmidt is $2 million dollars as of 2022. However, her husband Peter had a net worth of $25 million dollars as a reputed Hollywood actor.

Marital relationship status

Erica and Peter met back in 2000 at a movie set where they fall in love with each other. Erica was a type of person who judged people not by their looks but by their personality and behavior. 

In Peter, she saw the prince charming she was waiting for and started to date each other.

Erica Schmidt with her family doing a normal walk wearing a casual clothes
Erica Schmidt with her children and husband Peter Dinklage caught by paparazzi. source: @Twitter

 Besides Peter's dwarfism, they prove the meaning of real love and officially did their wedding vows in 2005 in the presence of their close relatives and friends. To this date, Mr. and Mrs.Dinklage had been together away from the rumors and controversies.

How many children does Erica have?

Erica Schmidt and Peter Dinklage are blessed with two children. Their eldest daughter was born in 2011 but as previously said Dinklage family is very concerned when it comes to their children's privacy.

 And their second child is a boy but the name has not been revealed yet. They often post pictures of their children, Peter usually posts his professional life on social media world rather than personal. 

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